New Man, New Happiness

I guess it takes being in a shitty relationship to fully appreciate a great one when you find it.  Things with Penguin have been amazing.  I truly could not ask for a more caring, thoughtful person that will push me when needed, but be there for me when I’m in the shitter.  It’s amazing that through all my past blog posts about The Newbie, there weren’t many where I was happy.  I was always posting about an issue or concern I had with him.  My…how the tides have turned.

I look at my new relationship and truly realize how lucky am I to have gone out on December 28th and to have struck up a conversation with a boy.  I’m still in shock and so happy how things have progressed.  Some awesome things (which might seem trivial, but mean a lot after being in such a shitty relationship) that the Penguin has done over our last two months of dating…

  1. Remembered when I was leaving for my work trip and randomly asked weeks in advance if I needed a ride to the airport
  2. On one of his days off, he asked if there was anything he could do for me
  3. Constantly trying to help me remain positive
  4. Made an effort to spend time with my sister and brother-in-law
  5. Has no issue making commitments to me for my various outings with friends (inauguration bar crawl, bottomless brunch, lunch/site seeing with out of towner)
  6. Waits to watch our shared shows together
  7. Made reservations for restaurant week and Valentine’s Day
  8. Asked me to go to 2 different weddings with him (remember that time the Newbie went out of town for his sister’s wedding and I wasn’t invited…actually I didn’t even know she was getting married that weekend)

And I know…J is probably reading this post, thinking to herself, vomit….and I totally understand where she is coming from because I am just like that.  It’s just sooooo nice to be happy.  So people, be happy for me 🙂  And now, I am done throwing it out there in everyone’s faces.



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