Not Very Good at Saving Money

Hello, my name is J and I have a problem, a big one. I suck at saving money. I literally, I cannot keep a penny to save my life. If I’m not spending money, I’m donating money. It’s a sad habit I’ve picked up and it needs to end!

It is becoming increasingly more troublesome as I am now, frantically, trying not live pay check to pay check and to save money for my move in September. And yet, I find myself purchasing little things here and  there. Who doesn’t need that new shiny pen or that great purse? BETTER yet, let’s go grab a drink and dinner at that fancy new restaurant in town!! Plus, my friend is running a race and she needs to meet her fundraising goal…and I just can’t help but want to help!  All of this spending is adding up! We must put an end to it.

It’s trouble! I’m entering my mid-twenties and I am accountable for my actions. I therefore promise to be more active in saving money. …I hope. If you see me trying to convince you that I really need product XYZ, please tell me to not waste my time. Thanks.




One thought on “Not Very Good at Saving Money

  1. I’m in exactly the same situation. I suck at saving money, and I know that I’ve got to find a new job in September and I need to save in case I can’t get one straight away… but it’s so easy to just spend everything every month! If you figure out how to stop doing it, let me know!

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