Homeless Oh So Soon

The time has come.  I put off looking for a house the first part of this year because of the pure stress I was feeling between my two jobs.  I literally was more overwhelmed then I ever have been; therefore, house hunting was put on the back burner.  But now, all bets have changed because my sister/BIL have officially accepted an offer on their house (after it was on the market for 6 days).  Congrats to them, but damn, now I have to get my ass in gear to find somewhere to live.

Finding a PERFECT place that has all my requirements is really tough so some things might have to give.  Ideally, I want to find a renovated row home in a cool/hip area of DC.  Reality is I will be buying a 1 bedroom condo in an upcoming area or more of a neighborhoody part of DC.  I’ve come to the realization that this isn’t a bad thing.  I have fallen in love with a condo in Brightwood.  There are actually 7 different listings in this brand new complex so I”m not going to sign on the dotted line yet, but I will be going out Sunday to look at places and then again one more time next week.  At that point, I’ll be ready to make my decision (at least I hope so).

Eeeeek.  Big girl panties are coming on.  I’m very anxious about this whole process because I’m just not sure what the best decision will be.  I am continuing to weigh my options and keep my eyes/brain open to various possibilities.  You know, a year ago I was so against condos and only wanted a row home.  But do I really want to have to fix up a place?  Hell no!  I really don’t enjoy home improvement stuff.  Thankfully, I have an awesome father and sister that are great with fixer uppers if I need them.

So yea, I’ve got to find a place and close by May 2nd.  If not, I’ll be moving back in with my Dad…J and Penguin have both offered their places up as well as a temporary place to rest my head.  I’m lucky to have options.  I figure my car wouldn’t be such a bad place either now that spring is on the way.

Have any first homebuyer tips?  Send em’ my way!



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