Get the Hint Bro!

A few weekends ago I attended a party, met a man and we exchanged digits. Well homeboy has been calling and sending messages ever since. Now I have politely told him that I am not interested. More importantly that I thought it was very uncool for him to chat me up while chatting up one of my friends. Talk about awkward. Well, as it turns out he has a major crush on her. Rock on bro! Good for you! Then STOP talking to me too! It’s really annoying. I haven’t returned his messages other than to tell him that I am not interested in speaking further with him and to “Live long and prosper.” I SAID IT.

He hasn’t gotten the hint. It’s been almost 4 weeks and just this morning he sent me a text. C’mon. What more can I say or my friend say to finally get him to take a hint: you messed with the wrong chicks and no we are not interested in dating, screwing or being friends. You’re welcome.




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