As I mentioned in my previous post, I am smitten. I mean I have not been this giggly and girly about a crush in bit. It’s actually quite frustrating considering I’m usually pretty level headed. Ah the joys of liking someone new.

Good news, pretty sure he thinks I’m cute. We had dinner this past weekend and had a blast. He’s quite attractive and easy to talk to. I find him alluring and fun. I can only hope that he feels the same way about me.

I’m very eager to hang out again but I don’t want to come across as some desperate harpy. Who am I kidding, I am eager to see him again. Ugh, how long is too long?

An excited harpy,



Happy Hour- Shaw Tavern

Shaw Tavern- 520 Florida Ave NW

I had a groupon for Shaw Tavern that was going to expire so instead of our typical happy hour, J and I visited Shaw Tavern to use up my $50.  We couldn’t partake in the happy hour specials using the groupon, but that was okay since we were able to order a lot of food for the $50!!!!

We got the following;

  • Charcuteries- Delish!  This was a HUGE appetizer and had the best goat cheese I’ve had in a long time.
  • Po Boy- Unfortunately, they brought us an oyster po-boy instead of shrimp.  Neither of us liked the oysters though 😦
  • Pasta with Spare Ribs and Ragu- this was pretty good, but lacking some flavor.  Could have been great if it had some hot peppers/kick to it.
  • Mac-n-cheese- We have a hard time passing up mac-n-cheese.  This side dish was a great choice and super tasty.

Overall, it was good.  The vibe was laid back and a great place to bring a group of people.  They also have some outdoor seating.  I would love to go back and try it out for our standard happy hour.


Chance Encounters

I have a tendency to get courage in the strangest of times. I’m not talking heroics, I’m talking hitting on people. This past weekend was adventurous to say the least. One example, that I’m willing to share–I went out with a man I met on the bus. That’s right, the hottest new pick up spot is the bus.

I can happily say that I am crushing on him hard. He is absolutely adorable. Plus he did his PhD where I plan on completing my masters program. We had a great time just chatting and enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend. It’s great to chat with a complete stranger and learn all things you have in common and all experiences that make you realize how beautiful and crazy the world is. I’m reminded of it when I meet new people (and they want to talk to me).

Did I mention he is absolutely handsome? And has an accent? And he’s funny. I love having crushes.

Wish me luck!


My Luck has Officially Run Out

For the last few months, I have felt extremely lucky.  It was a combination of things starting with getting to go to the Redskins playoff game, winning a two night stay at a hotel in Old Town, meeting the Penguin, winning my work super bowl pool, etc. etc.

I was in Trinidad & Tobago for the past week.  Part work, part vacation.  I had a good time, just wish it was more vacation less work…but c’est la vie.  On Thursday, I was able to check my email at the hotel in Tobago on their free wireless.  To my dismay, I had an email looming from my lender basically saying we have bad news.  Everything was good to go on my side of things, but the lender also looks at the health of the condo as well and it wasn’t looking good.  The building had too many investor owned units and a lot of delinquent HOA fees.  I was heart broken.  Let’s face it, I am STILL heartbroken.

Everything was going to work out perfectly.  I was supposed to close this Wednesday, start moving some stuff over this week after work and then the big move on Saturday.  That is absolutely NOT going to happen now.  If I choose to use another lender, the best i can hope for is another 2 weeks (if the lender is quick), but in all reality…another 30 days.

My luck has officially run out.  Now I just have to decide/figure out where I’m going to store my stuff…and who gets the lucky job of hosting me when I figure all this out.  Gratefully, I have lots of friends/family in the area…but it makes tears build in my eyes thinking about imposing on someone at this point.  I just don’t see a clear path for me right now and I hate it.  I hate not having a plan.

Will my luck turn around?  I have a feeling that my bad fortunes are because I wasn’t able to get blessed by a Buddhist monk this Thai New Years.  My luck from last April is officially gone 😦


Stop Asking Me!! (An Open Letter)

Dear Man-who-I-thought-was-cute-but-is-starting-to-creep-me-out,

I have not replied to your text messages or phone calls. It’s been over a month since we met. I didn’t follow up then, I am not going to follow up now. I have told you both on the phone and through text message that I do NOT want to date you or see you. Let’s take a hint. I am not interested.

Thus, for the love of life, PLEASE stop with the text messages. Am I busy right now? Yes, yes I am busy. I’m busy with my friends. I’m busy with my life. And I am VERY busy ignoring you. Do I have plans tonight? YES! Yes, I have major plans. I plan on washing my hair for the rest of my life.

Please stop. You are borderline scaring me. I don’t know what else to say to you. I have told you blatantly that we will never date. What more can I do to make you understand that you are creeping me out. You are too cute to be creepy. Stop. For the love of Harry Potter, STOP!

I’m begging you.


Why Can’t we Just be Friends?

As you know, back in November the Ex of All Exes pushed me out of his life completely because he could not imagine me being with someone else and us being just friends.  Weird, since for the past year, we had really been just friends.  Of course we were super close….we bickered like an old married couple, I would do anything for him (not sure if it went both ways), and we both relied on each other as the person to call when we needed a major vent session.

Well a lot has happened over these past 4 months.  I broke things off with the Newbie and started dating the Penguin and even BIGGER than that, I am buying my very first home.  It’s a huge step in my life and 4 months ago, he would have been on my top 10 list to call as soon as I heard they were accepting my offer.  But he wasn’t.  He clearly told me back in November that we just couldn’t be friends at this time and hopefully later on he would be able to accept just being friends.

So basically, in my mind, the ball has been in his court to reach out to me to rebuild the relationship.  I’ve told everyone in my life that even though we aren’t close now, I have no doubt in my mind we will always be friends…that we will find our way back into each others lives…and it is funny how something like moving out and BUYING A HOUSE will do that.

He saw a picture my sister posted on facebook about their “new neighbors” and he texted me inquiring if I was moving with them.  We chatted back and forth for a bit…and he mentioned that just because we don’t talk much, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.  He sure has a funny way of showing that he cares when he blows off our lunch plans and doesn’t make any effort to be my friend.  I didn’t tell him that I was buying a condo…just that I was moving to DC.  I figure, I want to hold onto this little nugget of success just a little bit longer. Might be nice to tell him in person.

So we will see.  He said he wanted to get together and that he wants to be friends forever. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to be let down by him again.  I have some amazing friends and family in my life that I value and I want him to be one of them, but the difference between him and my current support group….they respect me, my time and make an effort to have a two way friendship.