100 Better Things to Post on Facebook

This blog post was inspired by an interesting thing that showed up in my news feed on Sunday morning.  The ex of all exes posted a picture of him kissing a girl and the girl looked naked.  It was very confusing and the verdict is still out on whether she was wearing clothes and if not who was taking the picture.  After my careful inspection, I deduced they were on his bed and it was clearly not him taking the picture.

The kicker was the caption…”future wifey.”  The even bigger kicker was my mother’s response….”congratulations.”  I about died.  Between seeing that response and the text messages being exchanged from me and the College BFF I couldn’t handle it.  The icing on the cake was his response to all the comments, “just to clarify, she is just a friend.”

I had a mix of emotions about seeing the picture on Facebook…..

1.  Wow…it was just 4 months ago he was crying his heart out to me that I betrayed him and he thought we were always going to be together.

2.  He moves on fast.

3.  Well I’m happy he has moved on.

4.  We have 32 mutual friends (including my Mom) and he is flaunting that shit around.  How rude.

4.  Why the hell would you post a picture of your “future wifey” NAKED on Facebook for all the world to see.

When Ten and I were discussing the posting via text she said…”I could think of about 100 better pictures to post on Facebook” which is where the title of this posting originated.  I know Facebook is an outlet for people to communicate, show their friends what they have been up to and express themselves, but NAKED pictures is absurd!  At this point in our lives, I don’t understand why anyone would do that.  Especially if this is the girl you want to take home to your mother.  I think there needs to be a guide to Facebook and socially acceptable posts.  People need to remember that once it is out there in cyber world, it is there to stay.  So think twice when posting things.


PS: The picture has since been taken down.  Good call bro, good call.


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