Chance Encounters

I have a tendency to get courage in the strangest of times. I’m not talking heroics, I’m talking hitting on people. This past weekend was adventurous to say the least. One example, that I’m willing to share–I went out with a man I met on the bus. That’s right, the hottest new pick up spot is the bus.

I can happily say that I am crushing on him hard. He is absolutely adorable. Plus he did his PhD where I plan on completing my masters program. We had a great time just chatting and enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend. It’s great to chat with a complete stranger and learn all things you have in common and all experiences that make you realize how beautiful and crazy the world is. I’m reminded of it when I meet new people (and they want to talk to me).

Did I mention he is absolutely handsome? And has an accent? And he’s funny. I love having crushes.

Wish me luck!



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