Happy Hour- Shaw Tavern

Shaw Tavern- 520 Florida Ave NW

I had a groupon for Shaw Tavern that was going to expire so instead of our typical happy hour, J and I visited Shaw Tavern to use up my $50.  We couldn’t partake in the happy hour specials using the groupon, but that was okay since we were able to order a lot of food for the $50!!!!

We got the following;

  • Charcuteries- Delish!  This was a HUGE appetizer and had the best goat cheese I’ve had in a long time.
  • Po Boy- Unfortunately, they brought us an oyster po-boy instead of shrimp.  Neither of us liked the oysters though 😦
  • Pasta with Spare Ribs and Ragu- this was pretty good, but lacking some flavor.  Could have been great if it had some hot peppers/kick to it.
  • Mac-n-cheese- We have a hard time passing up mac-n-cheese.  This side dish was a great choice and super tasty.

Overall, it was good.  The vibe was laid back and a great place to bring a group of people.  They also have some outdoor seating.  I would love to go back and try it out for our standard happy hour.



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