Kicked Out

Only 3 months until I kick it out of this country. I’m slowly started to realize that I’ve gotten pretty comfortable in the last 5 years of living on my way and basically enjoying my life. Does anyone know the equivalent of Sephora or Target is in Scotland?

I’m slowly starting to realize that my summer is filled up with family and friends. I’m going to be at many house parties and family gatherings as summer shines upon us. I could not be more thrilled. Afterall, I’m not only doing this program for myself but also for my family.

If you had three months in your hometown, where and what would you do with it?



Let Your Hair Down

Despite the chill in the air, it is May. This means that summer is just around the corner. It’s going to be my last summer in the states for at least a year which is both thrilling and a little crazy. I’ve got tons of plans already which means I’m pretty much booked until I move to Scotland. It’s crazy that we spend close to 9 months planning and toiling over 3 months of pure joy. Silly people.

I’ve got tons of trips and vacations planned, some with family, some with friends. Big changes are coming our way. The first one comes in June for me. I’ll be moving out of my studio to the ‘burbs. Still don’t know if I’m ready for the suburban life but alas, it’s waiting for me. I’m also hoping to knock a few  things off my DC bucket list. Who’s down for a ghost tour?

Point of the story: let your hair down and enjoy every second. Life is pretty cool.


Everything Happens for a Reason…NOT

I have officially moved into my Dad’s house and am storing my stuff at my Grandmother’s house.  I feel like I made the right decision not moving forward with the condo, but it is tough right now.  Everyone tells me that it wasn’t meant to be for a reason, that I’ll find something better or whatnot…and I suppose that is true…it just sucks.

I’m over the house hunting.  My motivation to find a place is dwindling, the time spent researching listings and going to see them is absurd.  I feel like it is a second job house hunting.  And the pure fact that the DC market is CRAZY right now is rough on my emotions.  I find a condo that I might like, but am not in love with and want to think about it…then it is under contract the next day.

There is absolutely no time for thinking!  I saw a place I really really liked on Thursday, that went on the market on Thursday and I put an offer on it Friday morning.  Unfortunately, they are waiting through the weekend to see what else comes to the table before accepting anything.  So everything happens for a reason is a great saying…I’m just ready to find a new place and have this part of my life closed.  I never want to go through this process again!