Everything Happens for a Reason…NOT

I have officially moved into my Dad’s house and am storing my stuff at my Grandmother’s house.  I feel like I made the right decision not moving forward with the condo, but it is tough right now.  Everyone tells me that it wasn’t meant to be for a reason, that I’ll find something better or whatnot…and I suppose that is true…it just sucks.

I’m over the house hunting.  My motivation to find a place is dwindling, the time spent researching listings and going to see them is absurd.  I feel like it is a second job house hunting.  And the pure fact that the DC market is CRAZY right now is rough on my emotions.  I find a condo that I might like, but am not in love with and want to think about it…then it is under contract the next day.

There is absolutely no time for thinking!  I saw a place I really really liked on Thursday, that went on the market on Thursday and I put an offer on it Friday morning.  Unfortunately, they are waiting through the weekend to see what else comes to the table before accepting anything.  So everything happens for a reason is a great saying…I’m just ready to find a new place and have this part of my life closed.  I never want to go through this process again!



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