Going to a Wedding when the Ex is in the Bridal Party

When I accompanied the Penguin to the wedding back over Memorial Day weekend, I was nervous.  I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone and his ex was in the bridal party.  I felt like I was the odd ball out.

She knew everyone, I knew no one.

She had history with the Penguin, I was the new gal.

Overall, it was just fine.  We had no interaction with her till the end of the night when she came over specifically to say hi to us.  The Penguin introduced us, and then they chatted for a few minutes.  The odd thing was, her date was a guy the Penguin plays flag football with.  The Penguin had no idea they were dating and I’m still wondering if she just asked him to the wedding as a friend.  I find it very odd no one on the team would have said something to the Penguin.  Isn’t it bro code to let a dude know you are dating his ex?

I’m interested to hear if any of you have had odd encounters with exes at weddings!  If so, what happened and how did you handle them? My biggest fear was that I would run into her in the bathroom.  At one point, I stayed in the stall a little longer because I knew some of the bridesmaids were in the bathroom…I just didn’t know if she was with them!



Hmmmm…Sweet or Scary?

The title of this post comes from a text message my boss sent me in response to the following…


I have been working with this guy during our special events we have at our building for almost two years.  He has always been great to work with- sweet, respectful, knows the drill, and even speaks English!  I hadn’t seen him in a while since I haven’t been working the special events as much this season.  So when I saw him around 2:00pm, I didn’t think much of it…and then several hours later I received the text.

Of course, my other boss went into Mama Bear mode and wanted to ensure he never texted me again because I am not made to feel uncomfortable.  After talking with my direct supervisor, we both agreed that he didn’t mean any harm by it and it was meant to purely be flattering.  But I do feel like it will be a little odd seeing him again…hopefully I don’t run into him within the next couple weeks!  I’m sure I’ll forget all about it shortly!

Have you ever received uncomfortable messages in the work environment before?  I’d love to hear about them and how you handled it!


Under Pressure

This week I’ve taken an exam that will determine the next 2 years, started dating someone new, and am gearing up to move on Saturday. How am I handling it? Very poorly. 

I’m not talking to anyone. I think I don’t have time and yet I just stare at my ceiling in the hopes that little gnomes will spark out of my hardwood, 4th floor apartment and pack for me. No such luck yet. I’m finding it hard because I love my apartment. I love where it is. I love the way it reflects (reflected) my personality. Now, I’m moving to the ‘burbs. And trust me, I know it’s a VERY temporary move but I am feeling anxious. I want to live rent free in someone’s downtown apartment. I am asking too much. Ugh. I am brat. 

This is really a manifestation/way to cope with moving out of the country. I’m going to mope for the next week and get into a groove then we’ll be fine. Until then, thanks for letting me vent my moving woes, as selfish as they are.



We will always be best friends

I’ve had an interesting few weeks communicating with the Ex of all Exes.  We had a nice catch up talk a couple weeks ago and during that call I asked how his living situation was going.  He mentioned that he has this new friend (who was a girl) and “she is just a friend,” but his new roommate tells her all these lies about him.

For example, the new roomie said that he was once engaged and that he never comes home at night.  I didn’t think much of it until I was catching up on Facebook.  I saw that the Ex of all Exes and his new “friend” were now in a relationship for the past several days.  It made me angry that he flat out lied to me so I called him out via text.  Basically, he was sorry he lied, but he just felt awkward talking about it.  I totally get it…I’m just not happy with the blatant lie.

At the end of the conversation, he said “I know you will always be my best friend.”  I hope that is the case….but after all this drama he has put me through lately, I’m just not sure we will ever get back to the place we were at 6 months ago.


Happy Hour at A and D

A&D– 1314 9th Street NW

This hole in the wall is definitely a neighborhood bar.  The bartenders were friendly and seemed to know a lot of the guests.  Their happy hours include $5 beer/wine and then they have some awesome bar snacks!  We got the pretzels and corn nuts for free, and also tried the pasta salad and marinated cheese.  The cheese was interesting…I’m not sure I’d get it again, but they marinate it in different things every week.  The pasta salad was delish!  It was oil based with tomatoes and feta.


If you are looking for a small, intimate bar…this is the place for you!  They also have tables in the back room where you can spread out.



I just realized I haven’t posted since May 12.  My former colleague reminded me she has been keeping tabs on me via the blog…but I have since let her down with my lack of posts!  Ooooops.  Sorry all, I’m back now!

The last few weeks have been filled with lots of friends, family and work!

1.  A week in West Virginia with my Dad for a relaxing time away from cable tv and internet



2.  Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania meeting the Penguin’s family and attending a wedding


3.  Short trip to Orlando for a planning meeting and site visit for our two upcoming meetings



4.  Several miserable days fighting a cold and attending a country concert (Tim McGraw at Jiffy Lube Live)



And now, here we are!  A stormy Sunday evening, catching up on TV shows and relaxing before the week begins.  I have to start house hunting again (my offer wasn’t accepted on the last condo I wanted) and I need to continue studying for my certification course….but I just want to be lazy.  Maybe I’ll get to those things tomorrow…