We will always be best friends

I’ve had an interesting few weeks communicating with the Ex of all Exes.  We had a nice catch up talk a couple weeks ago and during that call I asked how his living situation was going.  He mentioned that he has this new friend (who was a girl) and “she is just a friend,” but his new roommate tells her all these lies about him.

For example, the new roomie said that he was once engaged and that he never comes home at night.  I didn’t think much of it until I was catching up on Facebook.  I saw that the Ex of all Exes and his new “friend” were now in a relationship for the past several days.  It made me angry that he flat out lied to me so I called him out via text.  Basically, he was sorry he lied, but he just felt awkward talking about it.  I totally get it…I’m just not happy with the blatant lie.

At the end of the conversation, he said “I know you will always be my best friend.”  I hope that is the case….but after all this drama he has put me through lately, I’m just not sure we will ever get back to the place we were at 6 months ago.



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