Under Pressure

This week I’ve taken an exam that will determine the next 2 years, started dating someone new, and am gearing up to move on Saturday. How am I handling it? Very poorly. 

I’m not talking to anyone. I think I don’t have time and yet I just stare at my ceiling in the hopes that little gnomes will spark out of my hardwood, 4th floor apartment and pack for me. No such luck yet. I’m finding it hard because I love my apartment. I love where it is. I love the way it reflects (reflected) my personality. Now, I’m moving to the ‘burbs. And trust me, I know it’s a VERY temporary move but I am feeling anxious. I want to live rent free in someone’s downtown apartment. I am asking too much. Ugh. I am brat. 

This is really a manifestation/way to cope with moving out of the country. I’m going to mope for the next week and get into a groove then we’ll be fine. Until then, thanks for letting me vent my moving woes, as selfish as they are.




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