No free weekends until October?

How does that happen?  How does ones calendar become booked months in advance with not one weekend free?  This is also why I have been slacking with writing blogs.  I closed on my condo July 3rd and every free moment I have had has been working on getting the condo prepared for me to move in!

So a little catch up on what I’ve been doing since my last post earlier this month….

1.  Condo painting and prepping (before and after pictures to come in a later post)

2.  Moving my stuff (has anyone recognized this has been one HOT summer and moving stuff up and down two flights of stairs in a house with no central air is miserable)

3.  J has been making me do all sorts of touristy things before she leaves the country!  Corcoran Museum, Hiking at Great Falls, Nationals Game, Jazz in the Garden just to name a few!

4.  I cut off 8 inches of my hair….and I’m still not sure if I like!

5.  Trying not to have my life consumed by condo stuff, and maintain some sense of fun with my family and the Penguin.

I spend my time day dreaming by looking at my calendar into my future which is scattered with weddings, trips, penciled in local outings, work obligations and so much more!  When will life ever slow down?  Or is this the new normal?  I must say, I have gotten much better at not scheduling things during the week!



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