“Working” From Home

Our office allows staff to work from home.  It really depends who your boss is though because it isn’t consistent across the board.  Three of the four people on my team work from home one day a week.  I have yet to ask my boss about having a work from home day, but I had the pleasure of having two work from home days recently.

I was dog sitting for my sister and instead of making the two hour commute one way I was granted permission to stay here and work.  I absolutely love working from home!  I wouldn’t want to do it full time, but two days a week is awesome.  The fact that I can sleep later, take a quick shower and change into yoga pants is amazing.  I found myself the first day staying glued to my computer, but then I remembered…I don’t stay glued to my computer when I’m in the office so I can take breaks to use the restroom or make a snack.

Yes I have the television on in the background when I’m not on a call, but that really is the only minimal distraction (and I really am great at doing work/watching tv at the same time).  I find myself constantly getting distracted at the office from the boss hollering over the wall to ask a question or the occasional random conversation about life with my co-workers or running to the bathroom and having a ten minute conversation with the person you pass in the hallway.   So I’ve decided this is the life!  I love it!  Now, how do I ask my boss to get my work from home day on a weekly basis?

I’m sure I get more done than two of the four people on my team when they work from home.  They use their work from home days for doctor appointments, weight watchers meetings, lunch dates, etc.  I suppose that is their prerogative and if they are getting their work done, I really can’t complain.  I just want to join in on the working from home phenomenon.



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