A Surprise in the Laundry Hamper

I was separating my laundry tonight and found several things that did not belong.  The Penguin has started leaving his dirty laundry in my hamper.  WHAT!  When did this start happening?  I had socks, boxes, a pair of jeans and a polo shirt that were not mine!  I knew he was leaving the polo shirt so I could try to get the stain out….but the other things, I had NO idea.

He had left the polo shirt on top of the hamper and made a comment that he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to put stuff in the hamper.  I just brushed it off and didn’t really respond, but based on the timeline of events…he definitely put those other items in the hamper earlier in the week.

I was shocked.  I feel like that is a HUGE step.  I mean, I know he is planning to move in when his lease is up…but that isn’t until April.  And does that mean we are going to be sharing a laundry hamper/doing laundry together?!  I’m not sure I’m ready for that level of domestic life.  Eeeeeek.  Am I over reacting?  Do I bring it up?  I guess it is just the start of someone encroaching on my space…and slowly is probably better for me to get used to the whole living with a boy!  Big steps here people, big steps.



Discussing the Holiday Schedule- A Fight No One Wants to Have

I am obviously a planner and think about my schedule 6 months in advance.  When it comes to holidays, I never travel because the majority of my family is local.  I’ve been complaining in my head for some time now about how I know I won’t be spending the holidays with the Penguin.

Granted, I haven’t even broached the subject with him, but I know he typically goes home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He has already taken the week off around each holiday.  So obviously, I assume that we won’t be together….which makes me really sad.  I mean, isn’t one of the benefits of having a significant other to spend holidays together?

The topic came up casually one day over g-chat because I mentioned how he would be leaving me for two weeks in the winter.  He said he knew we still needed to talk about the holidays, but that it was a fight he wasn’t really ready to have yet!  Ha, so I guess he is just as anxious about the plan as I am.

The issues I have…

1.  For some reason, my Mom claims Thanksgiving as her holiday now and would be sad if I went out of town.

2.  My team takes off around the holidays and I get stuck holding down the fort

3.  Technically, we have a “no-leave” allowed between November 18-December 2 due to AMS integration.

4.  Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday to spend with family since for the past few years my sister hosts it at her house and the majority of my family comes (both Mom/Dad side).  I love prepping for the holiday, making food and opening gifts with my fam.

So yea, I’m not sure how this will work out.  But my guess…is there won’t be much compromise this year.  How do people handle the holidays when the other family isn’t just a short car ride away?


Just Thinking

During my daily perusal of my favorite intellectual site, thoughtcatalog.com, I came across this article: http://thoughtcatalog.com/2013/7-things-you-should-do-today-if-you-were-to-die-tomorrow/
7 things you should do today as if you were to die tomorrow. Allow me to walk you through my thoughts on each item:
#1. Thank the catalysts of your becoming. This one seems easy enough. I fully acknowledge the importance of the people in my life who have shaped who I am today and will be tomorrow. Done, done, and done.
#2. Be honest about your love. This is where I got stuck.
I realized that for the first time in the past 10+ years of my glorious life, I am currently in love with nobody. Not one single soul is torturing my mind or heart at the moment. I then quickly realized how addicted I was to the thought of being in love and how limiting that addiction was. I realized how much more mindspace and heartspace I now possess when not longing for love from a coveted, unreachable source, but instead living life loving the already reachable people around me.
With this realization came a sense of pure freedom and joy like I’ve never experience before. Sort of like the scene in “The Holiday” where Kate Winslet realizes she’s no longer stuck in unrequited love with that jerk Jasper and she can finally live her life without being bound to thoughts of him.
Needless to say, I didn’t feel the need to keep on reading for the other 5 things I should do today if I were to die tomorrow.

Noises that Irritate the Crap out of Me

I get easily annoyed at things….little things that seem to be repeated over and over again or just one obnoxious sound.  I know it’s probably not normal to get so annoyed, but it is who I am and I’m honestly not sure how to move past it.  Here is a list of things that really get on my nerves!

1.  Loud sneezes

2.  Scraping of food containers like you are going to go hungry if you don’t get that last drop of yogurt

3.  Chewing gum with your mouth open

4.  Repetitive throat clearing

5.  Picking up your computer mouse and dropping it down instead of sliding it to use it

6.  Birds chirping over and over again

The reason this is coming up is because I have learned the Penguin does two of these things.  He sneezes really loudly to the point where it scares the crap out of me.  And when we were fixing up the condo he was constantly clearing his throat.  He says it was because of the dust and hasn’t been doing it much anymore which is good, because I wanted to strangle him and force water down his throat.

Now do any of these sounds bother the crap out of you too?  If not, do you have others sounds that irk you?


Saying Hi to a New Blogger

Since I’m on the way out the door, I thought it best to continue the fun of being in your twenties and figuring it out by introducing a new blogger to your world! I’d like to introduce you to my buddy, Clo. She’ll be filling in for me while I’m away! Look for her posts on Tuesdays! I’ll guest write every once in a while so we’ll see how it goes!


In Need of Random Acts of Kindness

Do you ever just wish someone would send you flowers or buy you a little gift?  For some reason, with all the stress that has been going on in my life I really just wanted the Penguin or my Mom or someone to send some flowers or surprise me with something little (even just a card in the mail).

For example, J is really good about sending cards in the mail for random occasions and I love that.  It really brightens up my day.  My college BFF just started a new job, and I know she has been craving to have a random act of kindness from her husband, something as simple as making her lunch and leaving a sweet note in it would really brighten up her day.

So my question to you, are some people just innately good at doing random acts of kindness for the people they care about?  Do some people just not realize what little action could help their friend feel 100% better?  My goal is to start doing random acts of kindness more often and hope the vibe rubs off on others!


Disclaimer:  I wrote this post about two weeks ago and had it pre-scheduled to post today….Several days after I wrote the initial post, the Penguin brought me flowers when he returned home from his trip to PA.  It’s like he read my mind!