Discussing the Holiday Schedule- A Fight No One Wants to Have

I am obviously a planner and think about my schedule 6 months in advance.  When it comes to holidays, I never travel because the majority of my family is local.  I’ve been complaining in my head for some time now about how I know I won’t be spending the holidays with the Penguin.

Granted, I haven’t even broached the subject with him, but I know he typically goes home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He has already taken the week off around each holiday.  So obviously, I assume that we won’t be together….which makes me really sad.  I mean, isn’t one of the benefits of having a significant other to spend holidays together?

The topic came up casually one day over g-chat because I mentioned how he would be leaving me for two weeks in the winter.  He said he knew we still needed to talk about the holidays, but that it was a fight he wasn’t really ready to have yet!  Ha, so I guess he is just as anxious about the plan as I am.

The issues I have…

1.  For some reason, my Mom claims Thanksgiving as her holiday now and would be sad if I went out of town.

2.  My team takes off around the holidays and I get stuck holding down the fort

3.  Technically, we have a “no-leave” allowed between November 18-December 2 due to AMS integration.

4.  Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday to spend with family since for the past few years my sister hosts it at her house and the majority of my family comes (both Mom/Dad side).  I love prepping for the holiday, making food and opening gifts with my fam.

So yea, I’m not sure how this will work out.  But my guess…is there won’t be much compromise this year.  How do people handle the holidays when the other family isn’t just a short car ride away?



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