A Surprise in the Laundry Hamper

I was separating my laundry tonight and found several things that did not belong.  The Penguin has started leaving his dirty laundry in my hamper.  WHAT!  When did this start happening?  I had socks, boxes, a pair of jeans and a polo shirt that were not mine!  I knew he was leaving the polo shirt so I could try to get the stain out….but the other things, I had NO idea.

He had left the polo shirt on top of the hamper and made a comment that he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to put stuff in the hamper.  I just brushed it off and didn’t really respond, but based on the timeline of events…he definitely put those other items in the hamper earlier in the week.

I was shocked.  I feel like that is a HUGE step.  I mean, I know he is planning to move in when his lease is up…but that isn’t until April.  And does that mean we are going to be sharing a laundry hamper/doing laundry together?!  I’m not sure I’m ready for that level of domestic life.  Eeeeeek.  Am I over reacting?  Do I bring it up?  I guess it is just the start of someone encroaching on my space…and slowly is probably better for me to get used to the whole living with a boy!  Big steps here people, big steps.



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