Happy Hour at Del Campo

Del Campo– 777 I (EYE) St, NW

Del Campo has taken the space that PS7 used to occupy.  The physical structure of the restaurant is the same, but they have redecorated.  The crowd was an older group, but the food would bring me back.  I was really impressed by the size of the appetizers on the happy hour menu.

Forgive me, but I took pictures and deleted them before saving them to my computer 😦 The items Shed and I tried are listed below!

  • Empanadas Del Campo, Wagyu Ribeye, Caramelized Onions, Romesco- delish!
  • Pan Con Chicharon Sliders, Fried Yuca- pork belly sliders…what more could a gal ask for?
  • Grilled Scallop Sushi Ceviche, Soy Citrus, Smoked Uni- this was okay, I didn’t love the flavors
  • Sweet Corn Humita Croquettes

Definitely a good deal for happy hour when it comes to the food.  The mixed drinks on the happy hour menu are slightly pricey, but you can get the house wine for $5!



All Girls, Obstacles and Dress Up

I participated in my first 5k this past weekend.  I signed myself up for this run with 2 friends thinking it would be great.  The weeks leading up to the race though I found myself anxious because I was having a hard time training.  I couldn’t figure out how to breathe properly or not get cramps.  So Friday night, I officially had a mini nervous breakdown and was freaking out.

Well my freak out was for nothing!  Upon arriving at the race my fears quickly melted away. The energy was soothing and I felt like I could conquer anything in my neon tank and tie-dyed leggings.  I made it through the race like a champ.  The obstacles were a nice break on the breathing and nothing too difficult.

The Diva Dash was a fun race and I definitely recommend it for newbies!



Fantasy Football- Major Freak Out

Last year, I was in a fantasy football league and I loved it!  The group consisted of some random people, but it mostly included a group of friends that I used to watch football with every Sunday.  Since that group included my Ex of all Exes, I did not join a league with them this year.  I came to terms with not being part of a league this year and was able to justify not spending the time on it since I need to study for my CMP.

Well late Sunday night, the Penguin invited me to join one of his 5 leagues.  It is a no-money league, but a group of his close friends do it every year.  No money lame, but then I began thinking…it won’t be about the money, it’s all about the PRIDE!!!!

The trick is they draft defensive players and it is a PPR league.  I agreed to join the league nonchalantly and then quickly realized my mistake. I’m in a league, with a bunch of seasoned football watchers that have been drafting fantasy teams for years and I’m the ONLY girl.  What was I thinking?!  The pressure!  The stress!  And then to make matters worse, I got the 3rd pick! Do you know how hard it is to decide who the 3rd best player in the league will be?!?!?!

I started feeling the pressure around 5:30pm when I finally sat down motivated to do some research.  Since I wasn’t planning on joining a league, I’ve stayed away from most pre-season games and most news related to foodtball.  When the Penguin “google hangout video chatted” me around 6:45pm with him and two of his friends I thought, this will be fun!

They were talking players/strategy/etc and I started to freak out.  We stayed on the video chat during the whole draft (which started at 8:00pm) and I continued to feel the pressure. They gave me advice when I was getting in a bind closer to the end of the draft, but I was overall really happy with my selections (except one major slip up which I should be able to trade in and get someone a little better or he will just live on my bench)!

Then I got the email ranking my draft and I scored a B and am predicted to win the league (according the the “yahoo” analysts).  One of the guys on video chat was so defeated when he realized I was in the league because “he doesn’t do fantasy league’s with chicks.” Well take that BUCN, whose draft was graded a D!  I play him TWICE and I hope I crush him both times!

Anyways, for those interested, my team is below!



A New Meal Plan

Now that I am settled in and the condo work is 90% done, I have time again.  I am working towards getting my CMP (certified meeting professional) and now working on the whole budget thing.  Part of my plan is to cook TWO recipes a week.  In my mind, this will pretty much provide me with meals for the week in addition to whatever plans out I have along with being at the Penguin’s house a couple nights.

I have to figure out the whole buying food for one person though.  I hate letting things go to waste so I’m trying to freeze stuff and modify recipe amounts to drop it down to 2-4 servings.

I wanted to share some recipes that I have tried the past couple of weeks and I feel are worth sharing (I know…I’m getting real domestic).  The one thing I’ve been looking for in the recipes I make is easy…and not too many ingredients!

Roasted Chicken Roasted Garlic Pizza – now I wasn’t bold enough to make my own crust or my own pesto, but it was really tasty anyways!

Pasta with Bacon, Brussels Sprouts and Artichokes– love love love this!

Taco Pasta– this recipe made about a million servings, I got 4 meals out of it and froze a whole tupperware container which probably has another 4 servings.  To add a little kick to this, I also mixed in diced jalapeno

CHEESE DIP!– I’ve never seen so much cheese dip in my life, this is really tasty

Let me know if you have any favorite recipes I should try!!!!