A New Meal Plan

Now that I am settled in and the condo work is 90% done, I have time again.  I am working towards getting my CMP (certified meeting professional) and now working on the whole budget thing.  Part of my plan is to cook TWO recipes a week.  In my mind, this will pretty much provide me with meals for the week in addition to whatever plans out I have along with being at the Penguin’s house a couple nights.

I have to figure out the whole buying food for one person though.  I hate letting things go to waste so I’m trying to freeze stuff and modify recipe amounts to drop it down to 2-4 servings.

I wanted to share some recipes that I have tried the past couple of weeks and I feel are worth sharing (I know…I’m getting real domestic).  The one thing I’ve been looking for in the recipes I make is easy…and not too many ingredients!

Roasted Chicken Roasted Garlic Pizza – now I wasn’t bold enough to make my own crust or my own pesto, but it was really tasty anyways!

Pasta with Bacon, Brussels Sprouts and Artichokes– love love love this!

Taco Pasta– this recipe made about a million servings, I got 4 meals out of it and froze a whole tupperware container which probably has another 4 servings.  To add a little kick to this, I also mixed in diced jalapeno

CHEESE DIP!– I’ve never seen so much cheese dip in my life, this is really tasty

Let me know if you have any favorite recipes I should try!!!!



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