Fantasy Football- Major Freak Out

Last year, I was in a fantasy football league and I loved it!  The group consisted of some random people, but it mostly included a group of friends that I used to watch football with every Sunday.  Since that group included my Ex of all Exes, I did not join a league with them this year.  I came to terms with not being part of a league this year and was able to justify not spending the time on it since I need to study for my CMP.

Well late Sunday night, the Penguin invited me to join one of his 5 leagues.  It is a no-money league, but a group of his close friends do it every year.  No money lame, but then I began thinking…it won’t be about the money, it’s all about the PRIDE!!!!

The trick is they draft defensive players and it is a PPR league.  I agreed to join the league nonchalantly and then quickly realized my mistake. I’m in a league, with a bunch of seasoned football watchers that have been drafting fantasy teams for years and I’m the ONLY girl.  What was I thinking?!  The pressure!  The stress!  And then to make matters worse, I got the 3rd pick! Do you know how hard it is to decide who the 3rd best player in the league will be?!?!?!

I started feeling the pressure around 5:30pm when I finally sat down motivated to do some research.  Since I wasn’t planning on joining a league, I’ve stayed away from most pre-season games and most news related to foodtball.  When the Penguin “google hangout video chatted” me around 6:45pm with him and two of his friends I thought, this will be fun!

They were talking players/strategy/etc and I started to freak out.  We stayed on the video chat during the whole draft (which started at 8:00pm) and I continued to feel the pressure. They gave me advice when I was getting in a bind closer to the end of the draft, but I was overall really happy with my selections (except one major slip up which I should be able to trade in and get someone a little better or he will just live on my bench)!

Then I got the email ranking my draft and I scored a B and am predicted to win the league (according the the “yahoo” analysts).  One of the guys on video chat was so defeated when he realized I was in the league because “he doesn’t do fantasy league’s with chicks.” Well take that BUCN, whose draft was graded a D!  I play him TWICE and I hope I crush him both times!

Anyways, for those interested, my team is below!




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