NYE….a Slightly Overrated Holiday

I find NYE overrated.  It is one of those holidays that you are expected to do something fun and eventful.  If you don’t have plans, you feel like you are missing out, but in all reality all I want to do is curl up on the couch drinking/eating in my pajamas. Going out can cost you a boatload just to mix and mingle with your own friends, wait in a 10 minute line to get a cocktail and fight your way to the bathroom.

This year, we are trying the small house party option which should be fun!  I’m excited to spend my first NYE with the Penguin.  It is funny to think back to this time last year.  We had just met a few days before and were texting all night while I was in Ocean City and he was at the Gaylord National Harbor.  Just to look where we are now amazes me!

Regardless of how you plan to spend the holiday, I hope this year brings you mucho love and happiness.  Thank you for following our blog.  I hope you will continue to follow it in 2014 (and turn your friends onto it as well)!



Bachelor vs Bachelorette Parties

I have learned something interesting being with the Penguin and seeing him go through the whole bachelor party thing.  I have seen lots of girls invite only their bridal party or a select group of individuals to participate in their bachelorette party.  Regardless of who they invite, the standard seems to be to only invite gals they would be inviting to their wedding.

In the case of Penguin and his friends, they use the bachelor party as a time to include everyone in the party…even if they won’t be making the invitation cut list.

I find this extremely odd.  Granted, I haven’t been invited to many bachelorette parties or weddings yet.  To be precise, I’ve only been invited to one bachelorette party (which is the one I planned for my College BFF) and I have been invited to 4 additional weddings (none of which I was invited to the bachelorette party).

So why the big difference between guys and gals?  As a girl I wouldn’t imagine inviting someone to my bachelorette party and then not inviting them to my actual wedding. Seems silly that you will celebrate my last days of freedom, but not my switch to permanent togetherness.

What are your thoughts?  Have you heard of this boy phenomenon?  Am I just out of the loop when it comes to party invites?


Addicted to Subscription Boxes

My sister gave me Birchbox a year ago for my birthday and I love it.  I love having a box of goodies come to my door every month!  It is great because I get to try things I would never buy and attempt to advance my beauty routine.

Birchbox was just the beginning for me though.

I’ve tried several other subscription boxes and am dabbling in some new adventures as I type!  Give them a shot…it’s an awesome feeling to come home to a box of fun once a month.

1. Conscious Box– I saw a groupon for a three month subscription to this box, so obviously I signed myself up!  Its a box of 10-15 natural products ranging from snacks, bath/beauty products, vitamins, supplements, and kids items.  I enjoy the variety, but haven’t found anything that I absolutely love and would buy again.

2.  Stitch Fix– my mother’s co-worker told her about this awesome service and I decided to give it a try.  You pay $20, complete a style profile and then get a box of 5 clothing/accessories pieces.  I’ve gotten two boxes so far and really do enjoy receiving them.  The biggest draw back is the price of the items is more expensive then I typically pay for clothes since I’m an outlet shopper.  I do feel as though they have given me some awesome pieces that I would never buy for myself, but I find my self returning items purely because of the price.  I definitely recommend it though if you are looking for a way to spruce up your wardrobe.  Shipping is free and they make the return process super easy!

3.  Bark Box– I bought a 3 month subscription of this for my Mom and her 4 great danes.  She got her first box in the mail and loved it!  The toy has already been destroyed by the puppy, but the box provided a lot of treats for all to enjoy.

4.  Glossy Box– Again, I found a Living Social deal for this subscription box and jumped all over it since my birchbox has expired.  This is a similar concept, but the products are considered “luxury.”  I haven’t gotten my first box yet, but as soon as I do…I will report back!  I am super excited to try this new box!!!!

Are there any boxes I am missing out on and need to try?  Let me know!



Ghost, Sleep Walker or Tow Truck?

I spent the night at my mom’s house last night for several reasons.  One being that I was going to leave my car there until Christmas day.  I arrived Sunday morning to meet Ten to head to the Redskins game (more on the game in another post).  I parked on the street, last spot in the row directly across from my mother’s house.  I unloaded everything into Ten’s car and popped the parking pass onto my dashboard.

When we returned to the game after another loss, we loaded my car back up and I headed inside.  I didn’t leave the house again that evening.  I went to sleep with my purse and keys in the bedroom.  When I got ready to leave in the am with my Mom, I noticed my car was in the same space, but facing the opposite direction.

I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw it and realized it wasn’t the way I left it.  The box of gifts I had in the back seat were still sitting there and all my tailgating stuff was in the trunk.  I immediately thought a ghost moved my car….then I started thinking maybe I slept walk in the middle of the night…and then I called the Penguin.  He thought a little more rationally then I did and suggested maybe they towed my car and realized I had a parking pass after they moved it.

Whatever happened, it freaked me out!  My mom is going to call the tow company when she gets home tonight to ask if they moved my car!



Meeting Planning as a Career?

I have been doing meeting planning for FIVE years now.  That is absolutely bananas.  I can’t believe it has been that long since I graduated college.  But then I can because college seems like a lifetime away.

Now that I have taken my CMP (certified meeting professional) exam I wonder, is this the life long profession for me?  I have no idea!  And I think that is the issue.  I’m not sure if this is going to be my lasting profession.  I enjoy it.  I think I’m good at it, but do I want to do it for the rest of my life?  Probably not.

So if not, what do I want to do?  I always thought doing something in the food industry would be awesome.  Or maybe human resources?  But now that I have been doing event planning for five years how hard will it be to switch to a different profession?  Ahhhhh!  So many questions, so many options.

Where do I go from here?


Weddings when your BFF’s are in the Bridal Party

I was feeling super excited that two of my good friends were getting married.  It was going to be a great time with some of my best friends!  And then it hit me.  I most likely was going to be sitting at a table with people I didn’t know because my besties were all in the bridal party.

Then I thought, well maybe they aren’t doing a bridal party table or maybe the significant others wouldn’t be sitting at the bridal party table….but they were and they did.  I couldn’t blame them for that because I would do the same exact thing, but I was sad.

Luckily, the bride and groom sat us at a table with some really cool people and we had a GREAT time!  I enjoyed meeting new people, bonding over beers and wedding cheer.

Overall, the wedding was awesome…I even told the Penguin how when we get married I want live music or will have a very specific set list for the DJ….hehe.  I’ve started to sneak little things like that into the everyday conversation since we still haven’t sat down and talked about the engagement/marriage process or future.


Asking your Boyfriend for Fashion Advice

I lived with my sister for three years. It was like having a personal fashion consultant at my finger tips.  Now I live over an hour away from my sister and my boyfriend is the closest person I have to ask for outfit help.  And let me tell you…he is pretty much worthless!

He will say something looks fine or I wouldn’t have noticed those wrinkles unless you pointed it out or either option works, but he never gives me an solid YES or NO answers.

Then I state how I want to look decent because I don’t want him to be embarrassed by me. His response (hold the gags back) is that he doesn’t care what I wear because he doesn’t care what people think and he loves me regardless.  How sweeeeeeet, suck up!

Anyways, it’s hard not having my sister at my disposal.  I was trying to figure out what dress I was going to wear to a wedding via text with Ten.  I tried taking full length photos using my computer because I don’t even have a full length mirror yet!  Lordy!  What us girls will do for fashion.