Asking your Boyfriend for Fashion Advice

I lived with my sister for three years. It was like having a personal fashion consultant at my finger tips.  Now I live over an hour away from my sister and my boyfriend is the closest person I have to ask for outfit help.  And let me tell you…he is pretty much worthless!

He will say something looks fine or I wouldn’t have noticed those wrinkles unless you pointed it out or either option works, but he never gives me an solid YES or NO answers.

Then I state how I want to look decent because I don’t want him to be embarrassed by me. His response (hold the gags back) is that he doesn’t care what I wear because he doesn’t care what people think and he loves me regardless.  How sweeeeeeet, suck up!

Anyways, it’s hard not having my sister at my disposal.  I was trying to figure out what dress I was going to wear to a wedding via text with Ten.  I tried taking full length photos using my computer because I don’t even have a full length mirror yet!  Lordy!  What us girls will do for fashion.



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