Weddings when your BFF’s are in the Bridal Party

I was feeling super excited that two of my good friends were getting married.  It was going to be a great time with some of my best friends!  And then it hit me.  I most likely was going to be sitting at a table with people I didn’t know because my besties were all in the bridal party.

Then I thought, well maybe they aren’t doing a bridal party table or maybe the significant others wouldn’t be sitting at the bridal party table….but they were and they did.  I couldn’t blame them for that because I would do the same exact thing, but I was sad.

Luckily, the bride and groom sat us at a table with some really cool people and we had a GREAT time!  I enjoyed meeting new people, bonding over beers and wedding cheer.

Overall, the wedding was awesome…I even told the Penguin how when we get married I want live music or will have a very specific set list for the DJ….hehe.  I’ve started to sneak little things like that into the everyday conversation since we still haven’t sat down and talked about the engagement/marriage process or future.



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