Ghost, Sleep Walker or Tow Truck?

I spent the night at my mom’s house last night for several reasons.  One being that I was going to leave my car there until Christmas day.  I arrived Sunday morning to meet Ten to head to the Redskins game (more on the game in another post).  I parked on the street, last spot in the row directly across from my mother’s house.  I unloaded everything into Ten’s car and popped the parking pass onto my dashboard.

When we returned to the game after another loss, we loaded my car back up and I headed inside.  I didn’t leave the house again that evening.  I went to sleep with my purse and keys in the bedroom.  When I got ready to leave in the am with my Mom, I noticed my car was in the same space, but facing the opposite direction.

I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw it and realized it wasn’t the way I left it.  The box of gifts I had in the back seat were still sitting there and all my tailgating stuff was in the trunk.  I immediately thought a ghost moved my car….then I started thinking maybe I slept walk in the middle of the night…and then I called the Penguin.  He thought a little more rationally then I did and suggested maybe they towed my car and realized I had a parking pass after they moved it.

Whatever happened, it freaked me out!  My mom is going to call the tow company when she gets home tonight to ask if they moved my car!




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