Addicted to Subscription Boxes

My sister gave me Birchbox a year ago for my birthday and I love it.  I love having a box of goodies come to my door every month!  It is great because I get to try things I would never buy and attempt to advance my beauty routine.

Birchbox was just the beginning for me though.

I’ve tried several other subscription boxes and am dabbling in some new adventures as I type!  Give them a shot…it’s an awesome feeling to come home to a box of fun once a month.

1. Conscious Box– I saw a groupon for a three month subscription to this box, so obviously I signed myself up!  Its a box of 10-15 natural products ranging from snacks, bath/beauty products, vitamins, supplements, and kids items.  I enjoy the variety, but haven’t found anything that I absolutely love and would buy again.

2.  Stitch Fix– my mother’s co-worker told her about this awesome service and I decided to give it a try.  You pay $20, complete a style profile and then get a box of 5 clothing/accessories pieces.  I’ve gotten two boxes so far and really do enjoy receiving them.  The biggest draw back is the price of the items is more expensive then I typically pay for clothes since I’m an outlet shopper.  I do feel as though they have given me some awesome pieces that I would never buy for myself, but I find my self returning items purely because of the price.  I definitely recommend it though if you are looking for a way to spruce up your wardrobe.  Shipping is free and they make the return process super easy!

3.  Bark Box– I bought a 3 month subscription of this for my Mom and her 4 great danes.  She got her first box in the mail and loved it!  The toy has already been destroyed by the puppy, but the box provided a lot of treats for all to enjoy.

4.  Glossy Box– Again, I found a Living Social deal for this subscription box and jumped all over it since my birchbox has expired.  This is a similar concept, but the products are considered “luxury.”  I haven’t gotten my first box yet, but as soon as I do…I will report back!  I am super excited to try this new box!!!!

Are there any boxes I am missing out on and need to try?  Let me know!




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