No Hangovers For me in 2014

I came up with a new years resolution as I was napping away the day with a hangover from last night.  I will not get a hangover between now and June.  Why June you ask?  I figure if I can go 6 months with no hangover…I can go the rest of the year with no hangovers.  Let’s see how these first 6 months go!

Now, I’m not one for resolutions because I feel like I should always try to make myself a better person, but I do have some overall things I want to focus on this year…

1.  Continue to progress in my career- either get a promotion where I currently work or start looking for a new job where I can continue to learn and grow

2.  Volunteer- I am super excited to start volunteering at an animal shelter starting in May once they re-open their volunteer program after completing renovations

3.  Work on my health- continue to eat healthy and keep up a work out plan…right now I am very sporadic so I hope I can get back on the right track and keep something consistent going

4.  Save some mula!  I’ve got to start saving again and I am trying out this new budget system I read about over at the Heart of Light Blog

Any new goals or focus for you this year?


PS: I received my first glossy box and am so excited to try out these products.  I was so surprised by the size of the items!

IMG_4641 IMG_4642


One thought on “No Hangovers For me in 2014

  1. Excellent goals for the year. I’m hoping to do something similar along the lines of volunteering at the local Humane Society this year. Since I adopted my dog from there I’ve been wanting to volunteer with them; plus it would be a good opportunity for my dog to see the people who took care of him for 3 1/2 years more frequently, before I adopted him.

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