What Does the Word Busy Mean to You?

The other day, my colleague sent me an email from another colleague which infuriated me.  Colleague 1 asked Colleague 2 if they had completed a task yet for an upcoming event.  Colleague 2 said no, too busy with another project.  I know exactly what other project Colleague 2 was referring to and I know exactly how much time it takes to complete said project.  It is absolutely absurd Colleague 2 had the nerve to say “too busy” to have completed this SIMPLE task.

This leads me to ask the question, what does the word busy mean to you?

I had an encounter with a different person at work where she saw me getting ahead and prepared for our upcoming Annual Meeting.  She had the nerve to say, “I wish I had the time to get ahead.”  Mind you, when I used to sit by her she was constantly playing games on her computer whenever I walked by and then would complain about being “so busy.”

I just don’t think people understand what busy means.  Get a clue and grow up.  Get your shit together and stop using the word “busy” as an excuse.  Respond to your emails within a timely fashion and meet the deadlines given to you.  If you are swimming and unable to accomplish these things, shame on you for not going to your supervisor and getting some help.

Sorry, I’m currently in a bad mood.  Okay rant over.



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