How can I save money?

Since moving into my condo I basically live paycheck to paycheck.  I have to plan out when to pay my bills based on when I have money coming in the bank.  I have never had to live that way so it is definitely a change.  I started taking the bus so I’m not paying $160 for parking and I am receiving a $100 transportation benefit which has helped me keep a couple of hundred dollars in the bank after bills are paid. But I need more ways to save some money!

I’m considering selling my car in the near future so I would save money on insurance, car registration fees and taxes.  I’ve also tried to stop using the dryer to help with the electricity costs.  My electrical bill has risen from $33 in October up to $130 in January.  I know it’s been cold, but I want it to go back down!  Any ideas?  I do have a programmable thermostat which is programmed to be at 63 degrees during the day and up to 68 degrees in the evening.  Even with it at 68 degrees I’m constantly wearing sweatshirts and have a blanket on me.

What else can I do? I try to buy food based on what is on sale so I can stock up and eat it when I need to. I’ve been trying to limit my meals out and pick/choose what I spend money on for entertainment. I spend little money on beauty (ie: rarely get my nails done, never get my eyebrows done anymore, hair cut maybe twice a year).

Look forward to hearing your suggestions!



2 thoughts on “How can I save money?

  1. Dang, you’re already doing a lot of the things I was going to recommend.

    I would say maybe try giving yourself a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly allowance…in cash. This can used for food (including groceries) and dining out. There was a time I was allowing myself $100 a month for groceries and dining out. It was tough, but I was soon able to plan meals and shopping a lot better.

    When you grocery shop, do you use a cart or a basket? I always grab a basket so that way if it gets too full, I’m then forced to evaluate what I have and see if there’s something I don’t really need.

    Of anything, trying to use just cash for things rather than Debit/Credit makes it easier to see how much you’re really spending.

    • I always use a basket when grocery shopping so that is definitely a great suggestion! I could go the cash route, but I love getting the points on the credit cards. Maybe I will try that out if I can’t figure anything else out.

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