New Years Resolution- BUST

I officially failed my new years resolution of not being hungover until June.  I made it all the way to March though so was pretty proud of myself.  And when I did fail, I was able to rally and make it to lunch with my family in Frederick.  Once I ate, I felt a whole lot better!

I will continue to work on not being hungover, but sometimes it is hard when you go out and other people keep buying you beer (as was the case when I failed).  I need to learn a trick from the Penguin who just kept giving the beers people bought for him to other people!



The Break-up Talk with your Employer

I made an incredibly hard decision last week that I was struggling with for the past month. I officially accepted a new job that is going to lead to more growth and responsibilities!  I will be the head of the meetings department at another association.  I know it is the right decision for me professionally, but emotionally it was incredibly tough.  I finally worked up the courage to tell my two bosses that I was putting in my 3 weeks notice.  Mind you, this was my first time having to tell a boss I was leaving.  At my last job, my new boss was my friend so she knew I was looking for another job.

I didn’t realize I would be soooo emotional, but once I finally pulled the trigger I felt a huge relief lifted off my shoulders.  I hadn’t been sleeping well and I was incredibly worried how they would respond. To my surprise they were extremely happy for me and both understood why I was making the decision I was.  I do hope that I am able to keep in touch with everyone I formed close relationship with.

Now I can start freaking out about starting a new job, being a boss and learning a whole new association!


Out with the Old

I am a clothing hoarder.  I don’t have clothes that I can’t fit into, but I keep things even if I only wear them one time a year (and I’m not talking about formal dresses).  I have a good amount of clothes that I don’t love.  So I save those clothes to wear on the days that I’m not doing anything special after work.  But why do I keep clothes that I don’t enjoy wearing and better yet, wouldn’t want to go out in public (ie: not work) wearing?

Does anyone else have this problem?  I have started to weed some things out that I know I just wear once because I have it and feel obligated to wear it.  I don’t like some of the my clothes anymore so why I am keeping them?!?!?!  Not anymore!

Out with the old!  And somewhat in with the new!  I have stopped buying clothes for the time being and that is perfectly fine because I have plenty to wear.  My boss even mentioned to me that she never seems me in the same thing twice.  So there you have it, I have room to donate some stuff and then I am going to only focus on pieces I absolutely have to have (when I have money to spend again).


Work Place Etiquette- Walk, do not Run

I sit in a cubicle near the elevators, kitchen and path to get to the restrooms.  Therefore, I hear a lot of pattering of feet along with tail end of conversations and people yelling back and forth.  I am able to tune all that out when I want to, but also can hone in on the conversations to get some good gossip!

The one thing I dislike though is when someone thinks something is soooooo important they must run from point A to point B.  There is nothing in the realm of this association that should cause anybody to run about the office.

It freaks me out when I hear someone running.  I don’t know if I should jump out of my seat and start running too.  Is there a fire? Terrorist attack? Donuts up for grab in the kitchen? Regardless of the reason, walk do not run in the office.  There is no need except to cause a bit of panic when someone hears you.


Bottomless Brunch- Boqueria

Boqueria DC- 1837 M Street, NW

I have been here before for Happy Hour and really enjoyed it.  I was excited to try out their bottomless brunch menu for $39. You can order anything off the first page for as long as you want (up to 2:00pm).  We made reservations for 11:00am and sat there enjoying ourselves till 2:00pm!

Some of my favorite items were;

1. Ensalada de Remolacha

2. Pan con Tomate con Manchego y Jamón

3.  Huevos Benedictinos

4.  Soldaditos de Pollo

5. Patatas Bravas

6. Pimientos de Padrón


Wow, I started listing things out and realized I really enjoyed everything we tried.  The drinks were constantly filled to the point where we had no idea how much we drank.  It was a great time had by all and I highly recommend it!