Work Place Etiquette- Walk, do not Run

I sit in a cubicle near the elevators, kitchen and path to get to the restrooms.  Therefore, I hear a lot of pattering of feet along with tail end of conversations and people yelling back and forth.  I am able to tune all that out when I want to, but also can hone in on the conversations to get some good gossip!

The one thing I dislike though is when someone thinks something is soooooo important they must run from point A to point B.  There is nothing in the realm of this association that should cause anybody to run about the office.

It freaks me out when I hear someone running.  I don’t know if I should jump out of my seat and start running too.  Is there a fire? Terrorist attack? Donuts up for grab in the kitchen? Regardless of the reason, walk do not run in the office.  There is no need except to cause a bit of panic when someone hears you.



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