The Break-up Talk with your Employer

I made an incredibly hard decision last week that I was struggling with for the past month. I officially accepted a new job that is going to lead to more growth and responsibilities!  I will be the head of the meetings department at another association.  I know it is the right decision for me professionally, but emotionally it was incredibly tough.  I finally worked up the courage to tell my two bosses that I was putting in my 3 weeks notice.  Mind you, this was my first time having to tell a boss I was leaving.  At my last job, my new boss was my friend so she knew I was looking for another job.

I didn’t realize I would be soooo emotional, but once I finally pulled the trigger I felt a huge relief lifted off my shoulders.  I hadn’t been sleeping well and I was incredibly worried how they would respond. To my surprise they were extremely happy for me and both understood why I was making the decision I was.  I do hope that I am able to keep in touch with everyone I formed close relationship with.

Now I can start freaking out about starting a new job, being a boss and learning a whole new association!



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