Summer To-Do List

I was inspired by Cupcakes & Cashmere to create a summer to-do list.  Mind you, I am no where near as fabulous as she is (writing her second book) and all, but I thought it would be fun!  Do you have a summer to-do list?  If so, please share!

1.  Start working out regularly again

2.  Create of a list of the jewelry I own which includes pictures, what the piece is and where it came from (my memory has already faded and I want to be able to remember years down the line the significance of the pieces I own)

3.  Go to a community board meeting

4.  Possibly join a community committee….I’m nervous about this one!

5.  Take Gypsy to a dog park

6.  Catch up on my scrap-booking (last event I scrap booked was a wedding in November)

7.  Buy a new nightstand and a filing cabinet for both the Penguin’s and my important documents

8.  Go for a hike

9.  Check out some Virginia wineries

10.  Read some books!  Any suggestions?



2 More Years?

The other weekend, the Penguin made a comment that I was going to be waiting another 2 years for him to save up before proposing.  I was shocked!  Two years from today, makes me 29 and a half which means we wouldn’t be getting married until I am 30….I’m not that concerned about being married in my 30s, BUT I have a lot of other future plans that will then be conflicting.

1.  Trip to Africa for my 30th birthday

2.  Buying a new house after living in my current place for 5 years (age 31)

3.  The possibility of having children (age 32-34)…getting married at age 30 doesn’t leave a lot of marriage time before having a child!

4.  Other friends getting married!  I don’t want to have too many conflicting weddings!!!!

Mind you, the Penguin is 3 years older than me.  So if we get married when I’m 30, he will be 33 and then he will be in his late 30’s when kids come around (if we have kids) and that seems old!!!  I just don’t understand how it will take an additional 2 years before proposing!



Friends within the Villages

I live in an area that has a TON of residential units!  My building has 6 units while my little courtyard area probably has 20 total units.  I have made NO friends within my courtyard. Yes, I know some people by first name, but that is about it.  I just met one person that has been living within my building for over 2 years and when he asked how long I’d been there he was shocked it had almost been a year.  A full year of not meeting someone within my building seems crazy to me.

I really wish I had friends within my complex.  I keep telling myself to go to the monthly meetings or join a committee, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe soon!

I do meet a lot of people walking the dog, but no friendships have been formed.  The great thing that happened recently was realizing one of Jeff’s friend of a friend lives literally 2 blocks from us.  We have now become pool buddies and Sunday dinner friends.  It is really a great feeling to have someone so close!  I envision great fun being had with this new group of friends!  I just still wish I could form some other bonds with people within the community.

Any suggestions on how to do that for an introvert like myself?



I sold my car last weekend.  It was time, but I didn’t realize how emotional I would be about finally taking the plunge.  I have had that car for almost 10 years!  Now I have nothing….well, I have the Penguin’s car.  I really want to avoid using his car because I feel like he might hold it against me in the end.  He is paying a car payment and insurance and has joked about me contributing, but if that is required I will continue to rely on public transportation.

I pretty much use public transportation 90% of my life.  To/from work…to/from dinners…I only put a couple hundred miles on my car since January.  It just wasn’t necessary to have it anymore.  The Penguin was typically driving on the weekends for errands and such.  He likes to drive and I hate it, so it just made sense.

I simply keep reassuring myself that I can rent a car, use Zip car, borrow a family members car or buy a new car if this doesn’t work out!  My car was started to have issues anyways so it seemed like the perfect time.  I sold it at Carmax.  Got exactly what I was hoping for and the process was super easy/stress free.

It feels good, but weird.


New Job=New Food Scene

Now that I work somewhere that is actually within the heart of DC, I have options for dining!  I don’t go out to eat at lunch to save money, but I have had several vendors take me to lunch and gone out to dinner with friends near by.  Here are some of the great places I have gotten to experience since working at my new job.

*Excuse the lack of pictures, I have totally been slacking!

1.  DC Thai Restaurant, 1018 Vermont Ave NW- great hole in the wall, inexpensive lunch specials, but could use some sprucing up (especially the carpet to the restaurant upstairs)

2.  BLT Steak, 1625 I St NW- to die for pop overs that you get complimentary!

3.  Joe’s Seafood, Prime, Steak and Stone Crabs, 750 15th St, NW- this is a new restaurant and has DC class/elegance written all over it!  The stone crabs (my first experience) were interesting…tasty, but I just found them a little hard to eat.  Absolutely loved the shrimp/scallop ceviche and the side of mashed potatoes are to die for!  The crab cakes were also very tasty.

4.  Estadio, 1520 14th St, NW- delicious adult slushies, but very small for the $9 they charge.  The halibut and chicken dishes we got were great, definitely want to go back to try more…just not a huge fan of the prices!

5. Doi Moi, 1800 14th St, NW- sister restaurant of Estadio, loved the clean lines and vibes at this place so light and airy which is nice since the food is SPICY.  I love spice though so it was right up my alley.  Everything was flavorful and we sampled a lot of items with good variety- sliced raw scallops, steamed garlic chive and mushroom dumplings, green papaya salad, stir fried lemongrass beef on vermicelli noodles and the chiang mai chicken and noodle curry.  I think my favorite was the papaya salad!  Again, can’t wait to go back and try some of the other options.

Some other places I am wanting to try….The Red Hen, Blue Jacket, Daikaya, Roofer’s Union, Rosa’s Luxury, Right Proper Brewery, Central, Newton’s DC, El Ray, Eat the Rich! So many options and great places to eat in DC.  Bring it on baby!!!!


Feeling Alone at Work

It has finally hit me that I do not have friends at work.  It’s starting to get a little sad and lonely.  I have no one to confide in or complain to.  I miss my friends from my old jobs.  I just keep reminding myself that I will make friends!  It is still early and it basically took me going to my first annual meeting at each job to form bonds with people.

My annual meeting here isn’t till November so I hope I might form some bonds before that, but we shall see.  I have a site visit in July which 6 staff members are going on so there could be some good bonding time then!  BUt right now I sit in my office, eating my lunch, writing blog posts.  Sad panda.

The thing that hurt the most was when my colleague (who works for me) asked if I was going to “this lunch thing.”  I responded, “no…what lunch thing?”  His response was, “Oh, that’s awkward, never mind” and he walked away.  I never figured it out.  It wasn’t on anyone’s calendar and it could have been a good bye lunch for someone’s last day, but it definitely made everything that much sadder.

There is a bright side…I got invited to dinner next week when some offsite co-workers are in town.  So that should be fun!  I might make friends after all 🙂


Is Chivalry Dead?

Taking public transportation has brought to light a whole new world.  One where most chivalry is dead.  I take a bus and a train daily now and let me tell you…it is an all man for themselves type of environment.  People push, shove, take seats without a blink of an eye. It is amazing that only sometimes an elderly person will be offered a seat.

But then you get an occasional glimpse of chivalry.  A man might let you get onto the bus before him or offer you his seat even if he got their first.  Those moments make me smile and realize all is right in the world.  That is until some lady freaks out because she got pushed, but then proceeds to lean on me the whole train ride from Farragut West to Pentagon (on one of the hottest days of the year).  Not cool.

But on a side note, I am loving my new hunter rain boots!  I also enjoy my new waterproof Cole Haan flats.  They are a little tight though so I have to check out pinterest for a stretching technique!  I do need to get a smaller umbrella.  Mine does fit in my purse, but it gets kinda heavy!