New Job=New Food Scene

Now that I work somewhere that is actually within the heart of DC, I have options for dining!  I don’t go out to eat at lunch to save money, but I have had several vendors take me to lunch and gone out to dinner with friends near by.  Here are some of the great places I have gotten to experience since working at my new job.

*Excuse the lack of pictures, I have totally been slacking!

1.  DC Thai Restaurant, 1018 Vermont Ave NW- great hole in the wall, inexpensive lunch specials, but could use some sprucing up (especially the carpet to the restaurant upstairs)

2.  BLT Steak, 1625 I St NW- to die for pop overs that you get complimentary!

3.  Joe’s Seafood, Prime, Steak and Stone Crabs, 750 15th St, NW- this is a new restaurant and has DC class/elegance written all over it!  The stone crabs (my first experience) were interesting…tasty, but I just found them a little hard to eat.  Absolutely loved the shrimp/scallop ceviche and the side of mashed potatoes are to die for!  The crab cakes were also very tasty.

4.  Estadio, 1520 14th St, NW- delicious adult slushies, but very small for the $9 they charge.  The halibut and chicken dishes we got were great, definitely want to go back to try more…just not a huge fan of the prices!

5. Doi Moi, 1800 14th St, NW- sister restaurant of Estadio, loved the clean lines and vibes at this place so light and airy which is nice since the food is SPICY.  I love spice though so it was right up my alley.  Everything was flavorful and we sampled a lot of items with good variety- sliced raw scallops, steamed garlic chive and mushroom dumplings, green papaya salad, stir fried lemongrass beef on vermicelli noodles and the chiang mai chicken and noodle curry.  I think my favorite was the papaya salad!  Again, can’t wait to go back and try some of the other options.

Some other places I am wanting to try….The Red Hen, Blue Jacket, Daikaya, Roofer’s Union, Rosa’s Luxury, Right Proper Brewery, Central, Newton’s DC, El Ray, Eat the Rich! So many options and great places to eat in DC.  Bring it on baby!!!!



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