I Haven’t Found a New Work Bestie

I feel like after Annual Meeting I always bond and find my work best friend. ¬†After this Annual Meeting, I don’t feel like I have found that ūüė¶ ¬†I did bond and share some great memories with select staff members, but I don’t have a work bestie. ¬†I’m just not sure it will happen for me with the group of people I am working with.

I feel like part of that is the role I am in. ¬†I am the youngest person in an office so I feel like it is a little harder to bond with the people my age. ¬†I suppose I don’t need a work best friend, but I do feel a little lost without one.

And on that note, I did not send save the dates to anyone at work. ¬†I figured I would want to see how things progress before I send out invitations. ¬†It might be tough to decide who to invite vs not. ¬†Maybe just invite my boss and team? ¬†That is three people and no one would judge me inviting just those people. ¬†Or maybe I don’t invite anyone? ¬†Decisions, decisions….I guess I still have some time since the wedding isn’t till September 2015!



Holiday Craft Project

I’ve had a craft project in mind since I saw an etsy pin on pinterest. ¬†I’ve been collecting wine bottles this year in order to create my idea. ¬†The other week, I headed to AC Moore for decorations. ¬†The basic idea was to create snowman and santa wine bottles. ¬†I always find myself having a hard time giving gifts to my non-immediate family members, but who doesn’t love homemade holiday decorations?!?!

Step 1: remove the labels off of the wine bottles.  I soaked the bottles in warm soapy water and most of the labels peeled right off.  For the ones that did not, I used goo-be-gone.

Step 2: spray paint the bottles (red and white)

Step 3: let dry!

Step 4: decorate ūüôā ¬†see final product below for inspiration



Wow…Where has the time gone?

I’m not really sure where my head has been, but it hasn’t been interested in writing blog posts. ¬†Between my annual meeting and wedding planning my free time has been spent in front of a computer, but not with any motivation to write here. ¬†I also feel like I haven’t really had much inspiration to write. ¬†I am unsure if I will continue with this blog or say my goodbyes.

A few updates on life…

1. ¬†My Annual meeting at the beginning of this month was a success. ¬†My boss was extremely pleased and isn’t sure how I can make the next one better. ¬†Eeeeek, a lot to live up to!

2. ¬†A promotion is in my future. ¬†I’m excited for that, but also a little scared!

3.  Wedding planning is going great.  All the vendors have been selected and now onto the little details!

I’d love to hear what my readers have been up to! ¬†Hope life has been going well and you are getting ready for the holidays!