Wedding DIY- Boutineer

This past weekend we were up at my sisters house for some basement remodeling.  My sister and I decided to knock off a couple of items from my wedding to-do list.  One being the creation of the fellas boutonnieres.

  • Here is a picture of the supplies I purchased from AC Moore.  I couldn’t find a good tutorial so I went into this project simply looking at pictures on Pinterest for inspiration and walking around the store for ideas.unnamed (7)
  • Step 1: cut the burlap into the shape you would like and use hot glue on the back of the burlap to further form the burlap into a proper base.unnamed (6)
  • Step 2: glue each element onto the burlap.  I used hot glue for this as well.unnamed (5)
  • Step 3: wrap a piece of twine or ribbon around the bottom of the flowers/feathers/greenery.  I used a tiny bit of hot glue at the top and at the bottom to keep the twine/ribbon in place.  Please note, my pictures show the bottle cap on before I put the ribbon on…I did it out of order and highly recommend the bottle cap by glued on AFTER you adhere the ribbon.unnamed (2)
  • Step 4: fill the bottle cap with hot glue and smash it onto the burlap.  Be careful, it might be hot when you are trying to hold it in place and let the glue set.unnamed (4)
  • Step 5: use hot glue to stick the pin to the back of the boutineerunnamed (1)

Each one took about 5-10 minutes.  The total cost for the materials $28.50. This amount did not include the cost of glue sticks for the hot glue gun or the feathers (we collected the feathers from her chickens as an extra special touch).  Here is the finished product!





2 thoughts on “Wedding DIY- Boutineer

  1. Well done!

    We’re planning on doing DIY boutineers/bouquets too, so perhaps there are some things in here that will help us with putting them together with low hassle.

    …that is if some of this translates over to boutineers made out of comic book pages.

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