Hmmmm…Sweet or Scary?

The title of this post comes from a text message my boss sent me in response to the following…


I have been working with this guy during our special events we have at our building for almost two years.  He has always been great to work with- sweet, respectful, knows the drill, and even speaks English!  I hadn’t seen him in a while since I haven’t been working the special events as much this season.  So when I saw him around 2:00pm, I didn’t think much of it…and then several hours later I received the text.

Of course, my other boss went into Mama Bear mode and wanted to ensure he never texted me again because I am not made to feel uncomfortable.  After talking with my direct supervisor, we both agreed that he didn’t mean any harm by it and it was meant to purely be flattering.  But I do feel like it will be a little odd seeing him again…hopefully I don’t run into him within the next couple weeks!  I’m sure I’ll forget all about it shortly!

Have you ever received uncomfortable messages in the work environment before?  I’d love to hear about them and how you handled it!




As I mentioned in my previous post, I am smitten. I mean I have not been this giggly and girly about a crush in bit. It’s actually quite frustrating considering I’m usually pretty level headed. Ah the joys of liking someone new.

Good news, pretty sure he thinks I’m cute. We had dinner this past weekend and had a blast. He’s quite attractive and easy to talk to. I find him alluring and fun. I can only hope that he feels the same way about me.

I’m very eager to hang out again but I don’t want to come across as some desperate harpy. Who am I kidding, I am eager to see him again. Ugh, how long is too long?

An excited harpy,


Chance Encounters

I have a tendency to get courage in the strangest of times. I’m not talking heroics, I’m talking hitting on people. This past weekend was adventurous to say the least. One example, that I’m willing to share–I went out with a man I met on the bus. That’s right, the hottest new pick up spot is the bus.

I can happily say that I am crushing on him hard. He is absolutely adorable. Plus he did his PhD where I plan on completing my masters program. We had a great time just chatting and enjoying the gorgeous weather this weekend. It’s great to chat with a complete stranger and learn all things you have in common and all experiences that make you realize how beautiful and crazy the world is. I’m reminded of it when I meet new people (and they want to talk to me).

Did I mention he is absolutely handsome? And has an accent? And he’s funny. I love having crushes.

Wish me luck!


Entering the Friend Zone

Have you ever met someone who just keeps you sane? Well I have. And unfortunately, like all things in my life, we just can’t get our timing right. It’s one thing or another that stands in our way of finally getting together. Mind you, sometimes I’m just difficult to be with but hey, I really like him.
He is very easy for me to get along with; fun to talk to and most importantly, he has a distinct ability to keep calm when I get a little nuts. (By a little, I mean A LOT.) I bet you’re asking well, if you like him so much why aren’t you with him?
Because I’m difficult and indecisive. It’s not just me though. He is too. We dated a little last year and things abruptly ended leading me to be mad at him for quite some time. We eventually reconciled and occasionally communicated. We hung out together this weekend after not seeing each other for a year and the feelings, at least for me, are still there. It was relaxing and simple to around him. I wasn’t trying to impress him nor was I unimpressed by him. He is awesome…most of the time.
This time around, he is being much more cautious. I think in part, to protect me and himself from last year’s debacle. I’m also moving to the UK in September so right now might not be the best time to rekindle a romance 5 years in the making.
I have no idea if he feels the same way. I am 90% confident that he does but you never know. We might never figure this out. At least, we tried. I think.
Let it roll.

Never Fails to Disappoint- the Ex of all Exes

I’ve seen the Ex of All Exes once since the big reveal occurred (back in November).  That one visit lasted about 5 minutes in a parking lot where I gave him several things; including, a christmas gift.  We have emailed and texted back and forth occasionally about several things and recently he mentioned wanting to get together.  We made plans for lunch this past weekend.  We confirmed time/location earlier in the week.  I was nervous about seeing him, but excited to catch up with the thought that we might be able to work on building our friendship again.  I definitely miss talking to him and still take it pretty hard about the way things ended.

I texted him the morning of to triple confirm…and no response.  We were supposed to meet at 1:00pm and I didn’t hear from him until 1:20pm.  He was sorry…he forgot and was sleeping.  It hurt.  I mean, I know I should be used to it by now…but it still bothers me.  I can’t imagine how someone can constantly let me down.  It’s like second nature to him.  And he wonders why we aren’t together.

I had even worked up the nerve and told the Penguin about the rendezvous because I know two things he highly values in a relationship are honesty and communication.  And it didn’t even happen.  Screw the Ex of all Exes.  I’m done trying to be friends.


I think I have a crush…

This past weekend while hanging out with Ray, I spotted a very attractive man. I mean, jaw dropping gorgeous and he was looking right at me. I was absolutely swooning. Ask Ray! I acted like a complete moron. I reverted back to a 5th grader who has discovered liking someone for the first time. I’m talking full-on giggle fest. We’re a few days out from that now and I am embarrassed and still giggling.

What happened you might ask? Well, nothing because I was too chicken to ask him for his number. He is a bartender and obviously couldn’t be too distracted by a lady flirting with him on a busy Saturday night but we did exchange names. Now I realize that he might have been a friendly guy hoping to make a few extra dollars by being great but to heck with all that. I thought he was cute and I want his number dang it!

What do I do? Can’t I just do the obvious and pine away for a dream boat that I made up in my head? Or next time I’m there and he’s there, pluck up the courage to ask him for his number? Thoughts? Do I let this slide as a fantasy or roll with it? I have the giggles again, please excuse me.

Giggles McGoo aka J

My Someone New- The Penguin

In my previous post, Happy Hour which Turned into Closing Down Bars, I mentioned meeting a new guy.  This guy now deserves a name in the blog because he has officially become my boyfriend!  We are going to call him Penguin.

In a nutshell, it went a little like this…

1. Boy/Girl meet at the bar

2.  Boy/Girl continue to talk via text and phone for a week

3.  Boy invites girl on a date and girl invites boy to go out for J’s birthday

4.  Boy invites girl to go to Deep Creek Lake for the weekend with his friends

5.  Boy asks girl to be his girlfriend

6.  Girl hesitates, but then agrees a week later

7.  And here we are!

I haven’t been this happy in my relationships…possibly ever.  It is such a nice change and I never realized how much the little things meant to me until now.  The Penguin responds to my texts within a reasonable timeframe, calls me, makes plans and expects to see me during the week/weekend.  I really am looking forward to seeing where this relationship moves and can’t wait for you all to read about it!!!