Summer To-Do List

I was inspired by Cupcakes & Cashmere to create a summer to-do list.  Mind you, I am no where near as fabulous as she is (writing her second book) and all, but I thought it would be fun!  Do you have a summer to-do list?  If so, please share!

1.  Start working out regularly again

2.  Create of a list of the jewelry I own which includes pictures, what the piece is and where it came from (my memory has already faded and I want to be able to remember years down the line the significance of the pieces I own)

3.  Go to a community board meeting

4.  Possibly join a community committee….I’m nervous about this one!

5.  Take Gypsy to a dog park

6.  Catch up on my scrap-booking (last event I scrap booked was a wedding in November)

7.  Buy a new nightstand and a filing cabinet for both the Penguin’s and my important documents

8.  Go for a hike

9.  Check out some Virginia wineries

10.  Read some books!  Any suggestions?



All Girls, Obstacles and Dress Up

I participated in my first 5k this past weekend.  I signed myself up for this run with 2 friends thinking it would be great.  The weeks leading up to the race though I found myself anxious because I was having a hard time training.  I couldn’t figure out how to breathe properly or not get cramps.  So Friday night, I officially had a mini nervous breakdown and was freaking out.

Well my freak out was for nothing!  Upon arriving at the race my fears quickly melted away. The energy was soothing and I felt like I could conquer anything in my neon tank and tie-dyed leggings.  I made it through the race like a champ.  The obstacles were a nice break on the breathing and nothing too difficult.

The Diva Dash was a fun race and I definitely recommend it for newbies!



A Time to Try New Things…Because of Peer Pressure

I am part of our organization’s Worklife Enhancement Committee.  The committee has decided to start a running club which is going to be a place of support and advice sharing.  I wasn’t really sure about joining the group since I don’t really run.  I actually haven’t done any distance running since Junior year in college and that was because my dance team was being punished.

Due to peer pressure from both of my bosses I have signed up for my first 5K.  My Senior Director has elected to sponsor me so now it is time to start training.  I plan to do a couch to 5K program and get my training sessions in before going to work.  I typically ride the elliptical for 20 minutes in the am so instead I will get outside and run (assuming the weather cooperates).  I’d love to get any advice/training programs from you!  So please share 🙂

On a side note: The Penguin is really excited to help me train…but that makes me really nervous.  I have no idea if I will be a good or a bad runner and I definitely don’t want him to see me struggling.  The relationship is too new for me to show weakness!  Wish me luck on this new endeavor.  I’m nervous, but excited all at the same time.