Is Chivalry Dead?

Taking public transportation has brought to light a whole new world.  One where most chivalry is dead.  I take a bus and a train daily now and let me tell you…it is an all man for themselves type of environment.  People push, shove, take seats without a blink of an eye. It is amazing that only sometimes an elderly person will be offered a seat.

But then you get an occasional glimpse of chivalry.  A man might let you get onto the bus before him or offer you his seat even if he got their first.  Those moments make me smile and realize all is right in the world.  That is until some lady freaks out because she got pushed, but then proceeds to lean on me the whole train ride from Farragut West to Pentagon (on one of the hottest days of the year).  Not cool.

But on a side note, I am loving my new hunter rain boots!  I also enjoy my new waterproof Cole Haan flats.  They are a little tight though so I have to check out pinterest for a stretching technique!  I do need to get a smaller umbrella.  Mine does fit in my purse, but it gets kinda heavy!



Public Transportation Ettiquette

I have been doing the public transportation thing for 5 months now and have noticed a few things that I can’t seem to wrap my brain around.

1.  Music blaring from headphones- doesn’t it hurt your ears?  If I can hear it, you sure as crap can hear it!!!!!  Then I wonder, do they know everyone can hear their music?   Is my music that loud?

2.  Cell phone conversations….don’t have an extended conversation on your cell phone within a confined space.  I get it you might need to have a quick few minute chat, but is it necessary to talk on the phone from the minute you get on the bus until you get off?  I wouldn’t care so much if the bus wasn’t packed, but you are sitting right next to me so I can hear your whole conversation.

3.  School groups who take the metro during rush hour.  They don’t belong on the metro at that time and they take up a whole lot of space, don’t know how to hold on or get out of the way when people are getting on/off the train.

4.  Overall, I do find most people are very good about standing on the right and walking on the left when it comes to the escalators.  And most people are decent about getting onto the train and moving in to allow everyone to jam themselves into the car.

I have found the need to break down and by rain boots.  I also bought a pair of waterproof ballet flats that I am excited to try out!  I cannot wait until they arrive.  We most likely won’t have rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future now that I am fully prepared to brave the elements.



In Need of Good Fitting Pants

I did a little outlet shopping on my week off from work.  Whenever I go shopping, my main goal is to find new pants (either work pants or jeans) and new pencil skirts. This always seems to be a struggle for me which is why I am constantly trying to find these items.

I can’t find pants that fit me well.  They are either too tight, stick out far from the back, too short, too big, saggy butt, etc.  I’ve always been told to get my pants tailored, but I have a hard time finding a pant that I would want to spend the money.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Help me find the perfect pant!!!!


Out with the Old

I am a clothing hoarder.  I don’t have clothes that I can’t fit into, but I keep things even if I only wear them one time a year (and I’m not talking about formal dresses).  I have a good amount of clothes that I don’t love.  So I save those clothes to wear on the days that I’m not doing anything special after work.  But why do I keep clothes that I don’t enjoy wearing and better yet, wouldn’t want to go out in public (ie: not work) wearing?

Does anyone else have this problem?  I have started to weed some things out that I know I just wear once because I have it and feel obligated to wear it.  I don’t like some of the my clothes anymore so why I am keeping them?!?!?!  Not anymore!

Out with the old!  And somewhat in with the new!  I have stopped buying clothes for the time being and that is perfectly fine because I have plenty to wear.  My boss even mentioned to me that she never seems me in the same thing twice.  So there you have it, I have room to donate some stuff and then I am going to only focus on pieces I absolutely have to have (when I have money to spend again).


Addicted to Subscription Boxes

My sister gave me Birchbox a year ago for my birthday and I love it.  I love having a box of goodies come to my door every month!  It is great because I get to try things I would never buy and attempt to advance my beauty routine.

Birchbox was just the beginning for me though.

I’ve tried several other subscription boxes and am dabbling in some new adventures as I type!  Give them a shot…it’s an awesome feeling to come home to a box of fun once a month.

1. Conscious Box– I saw a groupon for a three month subscription to this box, so obviously I signed myself up!  Its a box of 10-15 natural products ranging from snacks, bath/beauty products, vitamins, supplements, and kids items.  I enjoy the variety, but haven’t found anything that I absolutely love and would buy again.

2.  Stitch Fix– my mother’s co-worker told her about this awesome service and I decided to give it a try.  You pay $20, complete a style profile and then get a box of 5 clothing/accessories pieces.  I’ve gotten two boxes so far and really do enjoy receiving them.  The biggest draw back is the price of the items is more expensive then I typically pay for clothes since I’m an outlet shopper.  I do feel as though they have given me some awesome pieces that I would never buy for myself, but I find my self returning items purely because of the price.  I definitely recommend it though if you are looking for a way to spruce up your wardrobe.  Shipping is free and they make the return process super easy!

3.  Bark Box– I bought a 3 month subscription of this for my Mom and her 4 great danes.  She got her first box in the mail and loved it!  The toy has already been destroyed by the puppy, but the box provided a lot of treats for all to enjoy.

4.  Glossy Box– Again, I found a Living Social deal for this subscription box and jumped all over it since my birchbox has expired.  This is a similar concept, but the products are considered “luxury.”  I haven’t gotten my first box yet, but as soon as I do…I will report back!  I am super excited to try this new box!!!!

Are there any boxes I am missing out on and need to try?  Let me know!



Asking your Boyfriend for Fashion Advice

I lived with my sister for three years. It was like having a personal fashion consultant at my finger tips.  Now I live over an hour away from my sister and my boyfriend is the closest person I have to ask for outfit help.  And let me tell you…he is pretty much worthless!

He will say something looks fine or I wouldn’t have noticed those wrinkles unless you pointed it out or either option works, but he never gives me an solid YES or NO answers.

Then I state how I want to look decent because I don’t want him to be embarrassed by me. His response (hold the gags back) is that he doesn’t care what I wear because he doesn’t care what people think and he loves me regardless.  How sweeeeeeet, suck up!

Anyways, it’s hard not having my sister at my disposal.  I was trying to figure out what dress I was going to wear to a wedding via text with Ten.  I tried taking full length photos using my computer because I don’t even have a full length mirror yet!  Lordy!  What us girls will do for fashion.


All Girls, Obstacles and Dress Up

I participated in my first 5k this past weekend.  I signed myself up for this run with 2 friends thinking it would be great.  The weeks leading up to the race though I found myself anxious because I was having a hard time training.  I couldn’t figure out how to breathe properly or not get cramps.  So Friday night, I officially had a mini nervous breakdown and was freaking out.

Well my freak out was for nothing!  Upon arriving at the race my fears quickly melted away. The energy was soothing and I felt like I could conquer anything in my neon tank and tie-dyed leggings.  I made it through the race like a champ.  The obstacles were a nice break on the breathing and nothing too difficult.

The Diva Dash was a fun race and I definitely recommend it for newbies!