Out with the Old

I am a clothing hoarder.  I don’t have clothes that I can’t fit into, but I keep things even if I only wear them one time a year (and I’m not talking about formal dresses).  I have a good amount of clothes that I don’t love.  So I save those clothes to wear on the days that I’m not doing anything special after work.  But why do I keep clothes that I don’t enjoy wearing and better yet, wouldn’t want to go out in public (ie: not work) wearing?

Does anyone else have this problem?  I have started to weed some things out that I know I just wear once because I have it and feel obligated to wear it.  I don’t like some of the my clothes anymore so why I am keeping them?!?!?!  Not anymore!

Out with the old!  And somewhat in with the new!  I have stopped buying clothes for the time being and that is perfectly fine because I have plenty to wear.  My boss even mentioned to me that she never seems me in the same thing twice.  So there you have it, I have room to donate some stuff and then I am going to only focus on pieces I absolutely have to have (when I have money to spend again).



Under Pressure

This week I’ve taken an exam that will determine the next 2 years, started dating someone new, and am gearing up to move on Saturday. How am I handling it? Very poorly. 

I’m not talking to anyone. I think I don’t have time and yet I just stare at my ceiling in the hopes that little gnomes will spark out of my hardwood, 4th floor apartment and pack for me. No such luck yet. I’m finding it hard because I love my apartment. I love where it is. I love the way it reflects (reflected) my personality. Now, I’m moving to the ‘burbs. And trust me, I know it’s a VERY temporary move but I am feeling anxious. I want to live rent free in someone’s downtown apartment. I am asking too much. Ugh. I am brat. 

This is really a manifestation/way to cope with moving out of the country. I’m going to mope for the next week and get into a groove then we’ll be fine. Until then, thanks for letting me vent my moving woes, as selfish as they are.



My Luck has Officially Run Out

For the last few months, I have felt extremely lucky.  It was a combination of things starting with getting to go to the Redskins playoff game, winning a two night stay at a hotel in Old Town, meeting the Penguin, winning my work super bowl pool, etc. etc.

I was in Trinidad & Tobago for the past week.  Part work, part vacation.  I had a good time, just wish it was more vacation less work…but c’est la vie.  On Thursday, I was able to check my email at the hotel in Tobago on their free wireless.  To my dismay, I had an email looming from my lender basically saying we have bad news.  Everything was good to go on my side of things, but the lender also looks at the health of the condo as well and it wasn’t looking good.  The building had too many investor owned units and a lot of delinquent HOA fees.  I was heart broken.  Let’s face it, I am STILL heartbroken.

Everything was going to work out perfectly.  I was supposed to close this Wednesday, start moving some stuff over this week after work and then the big move on Saturday.  That is absolutely NOT going to happen now.  If I choose to use another lender, the best i can hope for is another 2 weeks (if the lender is quick), but in all reality…another 30 days.

My luck has officially run out.  Now I just have to decide/figure out where I’m going to store my stuff…and who gets the lucky job of hosting me when I figure all this out.  Gratefully, I have lots of friends/family in the area…but it makes tears build in my eyes thinking about imposing on someone at this point.  I just don’t see a clear path for me right now and I hate it.  I hate not having a plan.

Will my luck turn around?  I have a feeling that my bad fortunes are because I wasn’t able to get blessed by a Buddhist monk this Thai New Years.  My luck from last April is officially gone 😦


Homeless Oh So Soon

The time has come.  I put off looking for a house the first part of this year because of the pure stress I was feeling between my two jobs.  I literally was more overwhelmed then I ever have been; therefore, house hunting was put on the back burner.  But now, all bets have changed because my sister/BIL have officially accepted an offer on their house (after it was on the market for 6 days).  Congrats to them, but damn, now I have to get my ass in gear to find somewhere to live.

Finding a PERFECT place that has all my requirements is really tough so some things might have to give.  Ideally, I want to find a renovated row home in a cool/hip area of DC.  Reality is I will be buying a 1 bedroom condo in an upcoming area or more of a neighborhoody part of DC.  I’ve come to the realization that this isn’t a bad thing.  I have fallen in love with a condo in Brightwood.  There are actually 7 different listings in this brand new complex so I”m not going to sign on the dotted line yet, but I will be going out Sunday to look at places and then again one more time next week.  At that point, I’ll be ready to make my decision (at least I hope so).

Eeeeek.  Big girl panties are coming on.  I’m very anxious about this whole process because I’m just not sure what the best decision will be.  I am continuing to weigh my options and keep my eyes/brain open to various possibilities.  You know, a year ago I was so against condos and only wanted a row home.  But do I really want to have to fix up a place?  Hell no!  I really don’t enjoy home improvement stuff.  Thankfully, I have an awesome father and sister that are great with fixer uppers if I need them.

So yea, I’ve got to find a place and close by May 2nd.  If not, I’ll be moving back in with my Dad…J and Penguin have both offered their places up as well as a temporary place to rest my head.  I’m lucky to have options.  I figure my car wouldn’t be such a bad place either now that spring is on the way.

Have any first homebuyer tips?  Send em’ my way!