Wedding DIY- Boutineer

This past weekend we were up at my sisters house for some basement remodeling.  My sister and I decided to knock off a couple of items from my wedding to-do list.  One being the creation of the fellas boutonnieres.

  • Here is a picture of the supplies I purchased from AC Moore.  I couldn’t find a good tutorial so I went into this project simply looking at pictures on Pinterest for inspiration and walking around the store for ideas.unnamed (7)
  • Step 1: cut the burlap into the shape you would like and use hot glue on the back of the burlap to further form the burlap into a proper base.unnamed (6)
  • Step 2: glue each element onto the burlap.  I used hot glue for this as well.unnamed (5)
  • Step 3: wrap a piece of twine or ribbon around the bottom of the flowers/feathers/greenery.  I used a tiny bit of hot glue at the top and at the bottom to keep the twine/ribbon in place.  Please note, my pictures show the bottle cap on before I put the ribbon on…I did it out of order and highly recommend the bottle cap by glued on AFTER you adhere the ribbon.unnamed (2)
  • Step 4: fill the bottle cap with hot glue and smash it onto the burlap.  Be careful, it might be hot when you are trying to hold it in place and let the glue set.unnamed (4)
  • Step 5: use hot glue to stick the pin to the back of the boutineerunnamed (1)

Each one took about 5-10 minutes.  The total cost for the materials $28.50. This amount did not include the cost of glue sticks for the hot glue gun or the feathers (we collected the feathers from her chickens as an extra special touch).  Here is the finished product!





My Fears Around Being a Boss

When I started my new job, I became a boss.  I actually had someone reporting to me two jobs ago, but this seems different.  This time, I am running my own department.  I’m the head of the department with no one to go to except my CEO.  It was scary, but exciting all at the same time.

I’ve strived to be a good boss, someone that my employees appreciate in hopes that they won’t quit and go somewhere else.  One of the things my CEO stressed when I took the job was finding a way to keep my two employees happy and a part of the team.  I’m thinking about this more and more as the year is coming to a close because we will be having evaluations soon.

I hope my staff feel like they can discuss their roles and future freely with me.  Now that we have gone through an annual meeting together, I feel as if we have bonded which I believe helps in the communication.  I do feel as though I might need to grow some balls in order to communicate some of my feelings better.  Being a boss is tough!  I can’t be everyones best friend, but I sure do hope everyone likes me or at least isn’t talking a bunch of shit behind my back!!!!


Holiday Craft Project

I’ve had a craft project in mind since I saw an etsy pin on pinterest.  I’ve been collecting wine bottles this year in order to create my idea.  The other week, I headed to AC Moore for decorations.  The basic idea was to create snowman and santa wine bottles.  I always find myself having a hard time giving gifts to my non-immediate family members, but who doesn’t love homemade holiday decorations?!?!

Step 1: remove the labels off of the wine bottles.  I soaked the bottles in warm soapy water and most of the labels peeled right off.  For the ones that did not, I used goo-be-gone.

Step 2: spray paint the bottles (red and white)

Step 3: let dry!

Step 4: decorate 🙂  see final product below for inspiration



Summer To-Do List

I was inspired by Cupcakes & Cashmere to create a summer to-do list.  Mind you, I am no where near as fabulous as she is (writing her second book) and all, but I thought it would be fun!  Do you have a summer to-do list?  If so, please share!

1.  Start working out regularly again

2.  Create of a list of the jewelry I own which includes pictures, what the piece is and where it came from (my memory has already faded and I want to be able to remember years down the line the significance of the pieces I own)

3.  Go to a community board meeting

4.  Possibly join a community committee….I’m nervous about this one!

5.  Take Gypsy to a dog park

6.  Catch up on my scrap-booking (last event I scrap booked was a wedding in November)

7.  Buy a new nightstand and a filing cabinet for both the Penguin’s and my important documents

8.  Go for a hike

9.  Check out some Virginia wineries

10.  Read some books!  Any suggestions?


Is Chivalry Dead?

Taking public transportation has brought to light a whole new world.  One where most chivalry is dead.  I take a bus and a train daily now and let me tell you…it is an all man for themselves type of environment.  People push, shove, take seats without a blink of an eye. It is amazing that only sometimes an elderly person will be offered a seat.

But then you get an occasional glimpse of chivalry.  A man might let you get onto the bus before him or offer you his seat even if he got their first.  Those moments make me smile and realize all is right in the world.  That is until some lady freaks out because she got pushed, but then proceeds to lean on me the whole train ride from Farragut West to Pentagon (on one of the hottest days of the year).  Not cool.

But on a side note, I am loving my new hunter rain boots!  I also enjoy my new waterproof Cole Haan flats.  They are a little tight though so I have to check out pinterest for a stretching technique!  I do need to get a smaller umbrella.  Mine does fit in my purse, but it gets kinda heavy!


DIY- Kitchen Stool

I’ve been wanting to paint my stool for a long time, but had to wait until the weather got better.  I finally had the opportunity to get it done when visiting my sister’s house.

Step 1: Use liquid sandpaper over the whole stool to create a clean surface for the paint

Step 2: Spray paint the first color and let it dry



Step 3: Tape around the edges you want straight lines


Step 4:  Use a trash bag to ensure the second color does not get onto the first color


Step 5: Spray the second color and let dry

Finished product is below along with the two colors I used!  It was super easy and even easier with my sister’s help.  She has a much better technique using the spray paint.  I was a little heavy handed!






I’m thinking of paining a curio cabinet and bookshelf I have in my living room.  They are both brown and I’ve got a blue/gray/black color scheme going on so I’m hoping to make the change.  Have you been doing any DIY projects lately?  If so, I’d love to see them in the comments section.


DC Restaurant Week

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love trying out new restaurants.  I have a hard time telling someone a favorite restaurant I have in DC because I never go to the same place more than once…there are just too make great places to try!!!!

I love trying out places during restaurant week, but the one thing to remember is DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Some places are definitely NOT worth going to for restaurant week.  I recommend you compare the restaurant week with the list of Washingtonians Top 100 restaurants.  This is a great way to make sure you are going somewhere you would typically spend over $35 for a three course meal.  The other thing I recommend is to check out the menus.  For someone like myself who has some very specific dislikes, I want to make sure the place has good options for me.

This week, I tried three places…

1. Urbana- 2121 P Street, NW

This place had a 4 course menu and I loved it!  Lots of great options for me and the Penguin.  The scallops were cooked to perfection with a great cauliflower puree and a little heat from so sauteed scallops.  And they had a cheese plate for dessert which is right up my alley since I don’t like sweet things!

2.  District Commons- 2200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

We happened upon this by accident.  Our recognition lunch was here for participating on the Worklife Enhancement Committee.  This was also a great option with lots of choices.  You could get any entrees off of their main menu which range from $14 salads to $20 steak!  I had the appetizer du jour which was cheesy risotto balls…delish!  And the crab cake sandwich with sweet potato fries which were both really tasty.  This place also has a pretzel loaf for their bread option prior to your meal which is super tasty as well.

3.  Charlie Palmer- 101 Constitution Ave, NW

My mom and I tried Charlie Palmer’s out for lunch which was a great deal because the menu was almost identical to their dinner restaurant week menu.  We really enjoyed the two appetizers we got- braised pork shoulder with cavatelli and the roasted beet salad with crisp goat cheese.

I definitely think all three places are worth it for the meals we went to during restaurant week.  I hope you had some good experiences.  Let me know where you tried and if you recommend me going there next RW!