The Many Faces of Gypsy

I love my dog.  She runs our life now and I don’t care.  I general she is an awesome dog!  She still has an occasional accident in the house which we feel is her being angry at us.  She has become a lot more affectionate since we first got her!  She actually wants to be around us and get pets.  Here are some photos to bring a little joy to your life.

IMG_5095 IMG_5143 DSC_0712 DSC_0728 IMG_5301 IMG_5395 IMG_5403 DSC_0907  IMG_5859



Here comes the bride….

K-Ten/Penguin/My Sister/Brother in Law and I had bought tickets months ago to go up the Washington Monument at 6:00pm on August 9th.  The 4 of us arrived early via Uber so we decided to walk down to the World World 2 Memorial.  As we were walking past the Washington Monument, I was reading the back of the tickets and it specified no weapons, knives, explosives, etc.  We were discussing if we would have to go through a metal detector which might be an issue for my sister cause she likes to carry a pocket knife in her purse.  Guess to fend off all those crazy animals she sees out in the country.
The Penguin pushed the subject one more time which I blew off as irritating…like how do I know what we are going to have to do inside?!?!?!
We made the walk down and played tourist taking fun pictures if front of MD/PA/VA.  We started walking back up to the Washington Monument (K-Ten was texting as she was almost there and didn’t know where to meet us).  The Penguin wanted to take some pictures in front on the Washington Monument…weird because when does a guy ever want to take pictures?!?!?!  I was kinda suprised, but we all rotated around to take goofy ones.  The Penguin then said me/him should take a serious picture.  I leaned in and he made some odd movement, but leaned in as well to take a picture.  Then he dropped to one knee!
He said something along the lines of “Will you do me the honor and marry me.”  I responded “Are you kidding…awkward pause…YES.”  I proceeded to take the ring out of the box and then realized he should put it on so I handed it back to him and stared at the shinny diamond!  Some passers by offered their congrats (it was nice because a lot of people weren’t around us).  Sister/Brother in Law gave us hugs and then we had to hike it to the entrance because it was almost 6:00pm!
K-Ten came walking up to meet us (no idea anything had happened) and I shoved the ring into her face 🙂  It was pure happiness.
Typical questions I have been asked so will spare you…
1.  The Penguin did ask my Dad (at the check out line at Lowes a couple weeks ago)
2.  He has had the ring for about a month
3.  Only his mom and BFF knew he bought a ring, but didn’t know when he was proposing
4.  Sister/Brother in Law I had no idea
5.  I am hoping for a Septmber 2015 wedding
6.  Our guest list is currently 340 people which WILL NOT WORK because I cannot afford that shit
Be ready for some awesome posts as we navigate the wedding planning process.  My sister is already calling me a Bridezilla!!!!

Happy Hour at A and D

A&D– 1314 9th Street NW

This hole in the wall is definitely a neighborhood bar.  The bartenders were friendly and seemed to know a lot of the guests.  Their happy hours include $5 beer/wine and then they have some awesome bar snacks!  We got the pretzels and corn nuts for free, and also tried the pasta salad and marinated cheese.  The cheese was interesting…I’m not sure I’d get it again, but they marinate it in different things every week.  The pasta salad was delish!  It was oil based with tomatoes and feta.


If you are looking for a small, intimate bar…this is the place for you!  They also have tables in the back room where you can spread out.



As I mentioned in my previous post, I am smitten. I mean I have not been this giggly and girly about a crush in bit. It’s actually quite frustrating considering I’m usually pretty level headed. Ah the joys of liking someone new.

Good news, pretty sure he thinks I’m cute. We had dinner this past weekend and had a blast. He’s quite attractive and easy to talk to. I find him alluring and fun. I can only hope that he feels the same way about me.

I’m very eager to hang out again but I don’t want to come across as some desperate harpy. Who am I kidding, I am eager to see him again. Ugh, how long is too long?

An excited harpy,


Stop Asking Me!! (An Open Letter)

Dear Man-who-I-thought-was-cute-but-is-starting-to-creep-me-out,

I have not replied to your text messages or phone calls. It’s been over a month since we met. I didn’t follow up then, I am not going to follow up now. I have told you both on the phone and through text message that I do NOT want to date you or see you. Let’s take a hint. I am not interested.

Thus, for the love of life, PLEASE stop with the text messages. Am I busy right now? Yes, yes I am busy. I’m busy with my friends. I’m busy with my life. And I am VERY busy ignoring you. Do I have plans tonight? YES! Yes, I have major plans. I plan on washing my hair for the rest of my life.

Please stop. You are borderline scaring me. I don’t know what else to say to you. I have told you blatantly that we will never date. What more can I do to make you understand that you are creeping me out. You are too cute to be creepy. Stop. For the love of Harry Potter, STOP!

I’m begging you.


Heart Still Beating

I tend to think that I’ve moved on from people I’ve dated but truthfully, I’ve just buried my feelings for them deep, deep within me. Unfortunately, they come rushing back to the surface when they call, email or text me. Sometimes good emotions, sometimes terrible emotions.

There is one person particular person who can elicit joy and hatred out of me. I was minding my own business, watching The Voice when I received his email. I can only say that I was in shock. It’s been some time since his name evoked feelings of longing. I also tend to run into him in cycles so I think I prepare myself for it. This time, I did not expect it, not even a little bit.

I am surprised by how easily he can affect me after a year and half post breakup. That’s how long we dated, I shouldn’t be easily carried by him. It’s a terrible realization that maybe I’m not as “over” him as I thought. I, unfortunately, will carry a torch for him. Until infinity and beyond.