My Fears Around Being a Boss

When I started my new job, I became a boss.  I actually had someone reporting to me two jobs ago, but this seems different.  This time, I am running my own department.  I’m the head of the department with no one to go to except my CEO.  It was scary, but exciting all at the same time.

I’ve strived to be a good boss, someone that my employees appreciate in hopes that they won’t quit and go somewhere else.  One of the things my CEO stressed when I took the job was finding a way to keep my two employees happy and a part of the team.  I’m thinking about this more and more as the year is coming to a close because we will be having evaluations soon.

I hope my staff feel like they can discuss their roles and future freely with me.  Now that we have gone through an annual meeting together, I feel as if we have bonded which I believe helps in the communication.  I do feel as though I might need to grow some balls in order to communicate some of my feelings better.  Being a boss is tough!  I can’t be everyones best friend, but I sure do hope everyone likes me or at least isn’t talking a bunch of shit behind my back!!!!



Wedding Bells All Around

The Penguin and I had several weddings to attend this year.  It helps going to weddings to see what we do and don’t like.  Granted, we both have a fairly clear idea for our wedding plan, but it just solidifies what we want!


1. Hang out with your friends and family!  I want to spend as much time with everyone as possible.  We are planning to involve everyone in our Friday night activity (no sit down rehearsal dinner).

2.  Prepare our guests as much as possible.  Inform them we will be providing a shuttle and of all the pre/post wedding activities.

3. Open bar for the duration of the wedding…no stopping during dinner service!


1.  First dances.  I find them awkward and uncomfortable.

2.  Cake!  Neither of us love cake, so why bother.

3.  Flowers won’t have a focal point at our wedding.  They die and I prefer to use things at the wedding that I can keep for the future.

Looking forward to the 2015 wedding season.  We have a Boston wedding, Turks and Caicos wedding and a Pittsburgh wedding (just to name a few).  Here are a few shots from three of the weddings we went to in 2014.  Love all the special touches each couple incorporated!

IMG_5693  IMG_5924IMG_5711



Wow…Where has the time gone?

I’m not really sure where my head has been, but it hasn’t been interested in writing blog posts.  Between my annual meeting and wedding planning my free time has been spent in front of a computer, but not with any motivation to write here.  I also feel like I haven’t really had much inspiration to write.  I am unsure if I will continue with this blog or say my goodbyes.

A few updates on life…

1.  My Annual meeting at the beginning of this month was a success.  My boss was extremely pleased and isn’t sure how I can make the next one better.  Eeeeek, a lot to live up to!

2.  A promotion is in my future.  I’m excited for that, but also a little scared!

3.  Wedding planning is going great.  All the vendors have been selected and now onto the little details!

I’d love to hear what my readers have been up to!  Hope life has been going well and you are getting ready for the holidays!


2 More Years?

The other weekend, the Penguin made a comment that I was going to be waiting another 2 years for him to save up before proposing.  I was shocked!  Two years from today, makes me 29 and a half which means we wouldn’t be getting married until I am 30….I’m not that concerned about being married in my 30s, BUT I have a lot of other future plans that will then be conflicting.

1.  Trip to Africa for my 30th birthday

2.  Buying a new house after living in my current place for 5 years (age 31)

3.  The possibility of having children (age 32-34)…getting married at age 30 doesn’t leave a lot of marriage time before having a child!

4.  Other friends getting married!  I don’t want to have too many conflicting weddings!!!!

Mind you, the Penguin is 3 years older than me.  So if we get married when I’m 30, he will be 33 and then he will be in his late 30’s when kids come around (if we have kids) and that seems old!!!  I just don’t understand how it will take an additional 2 years before proposing!



No Hangovers For me in 2014

I came up with a new years resolution as I was napping away the day with a hangover from last night.  I will not get a hangover between now and June.  Why June you ask?  I figure if I can go 6 months with no hangover…I can go the rest of the year with no hangovers.  Let’s see how these first 6 months go!

Now, I’m not one for resolutions because I feel like I should always try to make myself a better person, but I do have some overall things I want to focus on this year…

1.  Continue to progress in my career- either get a promotion where I currently work or start looking for a new job where I can continue to learn and grow

2.  Volunteer- I am super excited to start volunteering at an animal shelter starting in May once they re-open their volunteer program after completing renovations

3.  Work on my health- continue to eat healthy and keep up a work out plan…right now I am very sporadic so I hope I can get back on the right track and keep something consistent going

4.  Save some mula!  I’ve got to start saving again and I am trying out this new budget system I read about over at the Heart of Light Blog

Any new goals or focus for you this year?


PS: I received my first glossy box and am so excited to try out these products.  I was so surprised by the size of the items!

IMG_4641 IMG_4642

Meeting Planning as a Career?

I have been doing meeting planning for FIVE years now.  That is absolutely bananas.  I can’t believe it has been that long since I graduated college.  But then I can because college seems like a lifetime away.

Now that I have taken my CMP (certified meeting professional) exam I wonder, is this the life long profession for me?  I have no idea!  And I think that is the issue.  I’m not sure if this is going to be my lasting profession.  I enjoy it.  I think I’m good at it, but do I want to do it for the rest of my life?  Probably not.

So if not, what do I want to do?  I always thought doing something in the food industry would be awesome.  Or maybe human resources?  But now that I have been doing event planning for five years how hard will it be to switch to a different profession?  Ahhhhh!  So many questions, so many options.

Where do I go from here?