Holiday Craft Project

I’ve had a craft project in mind since I saw an etsy pin on pinterest.  I’ve been collecting wine bottles this year in order to create my idea.  The other week, I headed to AC Moore for decorations.  The basic idea was to create snowman and santa wine bottles.  I always find myself having a hard time giving gifts to my non-immediate family members, but who doesn’t love homemade holiday decorations?!?!

Step 1: remove the labels off of the wine bottles.  I soaked the bottles in warm soapy water and most of the labels peeled right off.  For the ones that did not, I used goo-be-gone.

Step 2: spray paint the bottles (red and white)

Step 3: let dry!

Step 4: decorate 🙂  see final product below for inspiration




In Need of Random Acts of Kindness

Do you ever just wish someone would send you flowers or buy you a little gift?  For some reason, with all the stress that has been going on in my life I really just wanted the Penguin or my Mom or someone to send some flowers or surprise me with something little (even just a card in the mail).

For example, J is really good about sending cards in the mail for random occasions and I love that.  It really brightens up my day.  My college BFF just started a new job, and I know she has been craving to have a random act of kindness from her husband, something as simple as making her lunch and leaving a sweet note in it would really brighten up her day.

So my question to you, are some people just innately good at doing random acts of kindness for the people they care about?  Do some people just not realize what little action could help their friend feel 100% better?  My goal is to start doing random acts of kindness more often and hope the vibe rubs off on others!


Disclaimer:  I wrote this post about two weeks ago and had it pre-scheduled to post today….Several days after I wrote the initial post, the Penguin brought me flowers when he returned home from his trip to PA.  It’s like he read my mind!

Secret Santa

I am the absolute worst gift giver, at least for “Secret Santa” at work! I have been given the task of getting my friend and colleague a gift. You’d think it would be easier since I know this person very well, nope. It’s proving to be more difficult than getting a gift for someone I know only professionally.

The reason it’s more difficult–I actually know the person! I know what they like and don’t like and what they already have. For instance, I can’t get her anything silly because I know she doesn’t appreciate kitschy things like snow globes. She likes nice thinks like $100+ moisturizer. She isn’t shallow but definitely has more refined tastes than candy cane gifts. What to get her!?!

I settled on one silly present and a bunch of travel sized goodies from a make-up shop. Any suggestions on little things I can leave on her desk as weekly gifts?