Holiday Craft Project

I’ve had a craft project in mind since I saw an etsy pin on pinterest.  I’ve been collecting wine bottles this year in order to create my idea.  The other week, I headed to AC Moore for decorations.  The basic idea was to create snowman and santa wine bottles.  I always find myself having a hard time giving gifts to my non-immediate family members, but who doesn’t love homemade holiday decorations?!?!

Step 1: remove the labels off of the wine bottles.  I soaked the bottles in warm soapy water and most of the labels peeled right off.  For the ones that did not, I used goo-be-gone.

Step 2: spray paint the bottles (red and white)

Step 3: let dry!

Step 4: decorate 🙂  see final product below for inspiration




A Magical Mini-Vacay with Thousands of my BFFs

Before my Annual Meeting in Orlando, the Penguin, my sister, her husband and I took three days to explore Orlando aka visit the parks.  We hit up Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Universal- Islands of Adventures.  Unfortunately, MK was a bit crowded.  When I say crowded, I mean most rides had 45-60 minute waits.  We still had fun, but being surrounded by thousands of people with no space to relax and truly experience the magic was tough.

IMG_4843 IMG_4848     1900687_10202508053235745_38041507_o  1291177_10202508140917937_520153128_o

Epcot was a lot more enjoyable. The pathways were larger and not as crowded so we were able to take a little more time to enjoy.  We did spend the whole day there (9:00am-10:00pm).  The wait times averaged 30 minutes and we were also able to visit all the countries and partake in some food/beverages.



We had a great time at Universal, but it definitely had more rollercoasters which aren’t my sister’s cup of tea.  Harry Potter world was awesome, but SUPER crowded.  They really didn’t plan that well with the size of the “shops.”  We went there as soon as we got there and the castle ride was still a 60 minute wait.


My advice for first timers…

1.  Get your tickets in advance (not will-call)

2.  Wear comfy shoes, you will stand/walk ALOT

3.  Disney- you can get free cups of water from the restaurants and not spend money on the bottled water.  I was surprised at how affordable the food was though.

4.  Disney- fast pass (you get three per park with your ticket), use them for the more popular rides in the middle of the day when the lines are the longest.  It is definitely worth planning out your day with the fast pass and what rides you want to go too (it will save you from back tracking).

5.  Universal- Islands of Adventure- you will get wet on the Jurassic Park ride and you will get soaked on the Popeye white water rafting ride (save these for last)

6.  Bring snacks with you to save money!  And don’t forget your sunscreen.


NYE….a Slightly Overrated Holiday

I find NYE overrated.  It is one of those holidays that you are expected to do something fun and eventful.  If you don’t have plans, you feel like you are missing out, but in all reality all I want to do is curl up on the couch drinking/eating in my pajamas. Going out can cost you a boatload just to mix and mingle with your own friends, wait in a 10 minute line to get a cocktail and fight your way to the bathroom.

This year, we are trying the small house party option which should be fun!  I’m excited to spend my first NYE with the Penguin.  It is funny to think back to this time last year.  We had just met a few days before and were texting all night while I was in Ocean City and he was at the Gaylord National Harbor.  Just to look where we are now amazes me!

Regardless of how you plan to spend the holiday, I hope this year brings you mucho love and happiness.  Thank you for following our blog.  I hope you will continue to follow it in 2014 (and turn your friends onto it as well)!


Discussing the Holiday Schedule- A Fight No One Wants to Have

I am obviously a planner and think about my schedule 6 months in advance.  When it comes to holidays, I never travel because the majority of my family is local.  I’ve been complaining in my head for some time now about how I know I won’t be spending the holidays with the Penguin.

Granted, I haven’t even broached the subject with him, but I know he typically goes home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He has already taken the week off around each holiday.  So obviously, I assume that we won’t be together….which makes me really sad.  I mean, isn’t one of the benefits of having a significant other to spend holidays together?

The topic came up casually one day over g-chat because I mentioned how he would be leaving me for two weeks in the winter.  He said he knew we still needed to talk about the holidays, but that it was a fight he wasn’t really ready to have yet!  Ha, so I guess he is just as anxious about the plan as I am.

The issues I have…

1.  For some reason, my Mom claims Thanksgiving as her holiday now and would be sad if I went out of town.

2.  My team takes off around the holidays and I get stuck holding down the fort

3.  Technically, we have a “no-leave” allowed between November 18-December 2 due to AMS integration.

4.  Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday to spend with family since for the past few years my sister hosts it at her house and the majority of my family comes (both Mom/Dad side).  I love prepping for the holiday, making food and opening gifts with my fam.

So yea, I’m not sure how this will work out.  But my guess…is there won’t be much compromise this year.  How do people handle the holidays when the other family isn’t just a short car ride away?



I just realized I haven’t posted since May 12.  My former colleague reminded me she has been keeping tabs on me via the blog…but I have since let her down with my lack of posts!  Ooooops.  Sorry all, I’m back now!

The last few weeks have been filled with lots of friends, family and work!

1.  A week in West Virginia with my Dad for a relaxing time away from cable tv and internet



2.  Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania meeting the Penguin’s family and attending a wedding


3.  Short trip to Orlando for a planning meeting and site visit for our two upcoming meetings



4.  Several miserable days fighting a cold and attending a country concert (Tim McGraw at Jiffy Lube Live)



And now, here we are!  A stormy Sunday evening, catching up on TV shows and relaxing before the week begins.  I have to start house hunting again (my offer wasn’t accepted on the last condo I wanted) and I need to continue studying for my certification course….but I just want to be lazy.  Maybe I’ll get to those things tomorrow…


New Year…same place

With the New Year here, I think back upon my 2012 and realize I was in a similar place with the Newbie this time last year.  We were talking, but “just friends.”  The Newbie thought it would be good to just be friends after we had started talking again from our major breakup in September.  And as just friends, he drove to NC and bought me Biscuitville for my birthday and an iPod for Christmas (way to send mixed signals dude).

Now we have called it off officially and I’m looking forward to the new year just as much as I was last year.  To be able to start fresh and new beginnings, especially since those hopes didn’t really work out for me last New Years.  So to 2013, I am officially free of all ties to my two ex-boyfriends and am ready to find mister right.

Growing up I never saw myself as having to get married and have kids.  At this point though, I do want to get married (i’m still unsure about the whole kids thing).  I want to come home to the same person every night.  To know that person is there for me no matter what and to share in the good/bad/ugly.  And even though I hate odd numbers, I have a feeling 2013 will be bringing me good fortunes!