Summer To-Do List

I was inspired by Cupcakes & Cashmere to create a summer to-do list.  Mind you, I am no where near as fabulous as she is (writing her second book) and all, but I thought it would be fun!  Do you have a summer to-do list?  If so, please share!

1.  Start working out regularly again

2.  Create of a list of the jewelry I own which includes pictures, what the piece is and where it came from (my memory has already faded and I want to be able to remember years down the line the significance of the pieces I own)

3.  Go to a community board meeting

4.  Possibly join a community committee….I’m nervous about this one!

5.  Take Gypsy to a dog park

6.  Catch up on my scrap-booking (last event I scrap booked was a wedding in November)

7.  Buy a new nightstand and a filing cabinet for both the Penguin’s and my important documents

8.  Go for a hike

9.  Check out some Virginia wineries

10.  Read some books!  Any suggestions?




I sold my car last weekend.  It was time, but I didn’t realize how emotional I would be about finally taking the plunge.  I have had that car for almost 10 years!  Now I have nothing….well, I have the Penguin’s car.  I really want to avoid using his car because I feel like he might hold it against me in the end.  He is paying a car payment and insurance and has joked about me contributing, but if that is required I will continue to rely on public transportation.

I pretty much use public transportation 90% of my life.  To/from work…to/from dinners…I only put a couple hundred miles on my car since January.  It just wasn’t necessary to have it anymore.  The Penguin was typically driving on the weekends for errands and such.  He likes to drive and I hate it, so it just made sense.

I simply keep reassuring myself that I can rent a car, use Zip car, borrow a family members car or buy a new car if this doesn’t work out!  My car was started to have issues anyways so it seemed like the perfect time.  I sold it at Carmax.  Got exactly what I was hoping for and the process was super easy/stress free.

It feels good, but weird.


Winning Recipes

I have been cooking new recipes I find on Pinterest at least 2-3 times a week.  It has been great trying new recipes and building up my winning recipes board on Pinterest.  The ones we don’t love or take a lot of work get deleted.  Here are some I have tried over the past few months that we thoroughly enjoyed!

1.  Jalapeno Popper Dip– a big hit at a family gathering, can’t wait to make it again!

2.  Buffalo Chicken– love this!  Don’t need to add the extra salt since the hot sauce has enough sodium in it.  I like to double the recipe and freeze it in small portions to have other meals (buffalo chicken nachos, wraps, salads, etc).

3.  Oven Roasted Tomatoes with Goat Cheese– I made this as a side dish (not with crostini) and really enjoy the creamy goat cheese.  I would love to try this out with crostini as an appetizer.

4.  Spicy Sausage Pasta– I halved this recipe and used half a box from precooked pasta that I had leftover.  I put the pasta in the sauce and let it simmer for 7 minutes which worked great.  I used 2 spicy Italian sausage links and we had two servings leftover.

5.  Crock Pot Green Chile Chicken– another recipe I like to make extra I freeze.  Super simple, but tasty!  We used it for our taco night and loved the flavor.

I find it tricky cooking for two people.  We really have to work out the serving sizes and plan all our leftovers.  I hate wasting food and luckily it works out well because Jeff loves to plan what he is going to eat for the week!

Again, let me know if you have any favorite recipes 🙂



Meeting Planning as a Career?

I have been doing meeting planning for FIVE years now.  That is absolutely bananas.  I can’t believe it has been that long since I graduated college.  But then I can because college seems like a lifetime away.

Now that I have taken my CMP (certified meeting professional) exam I wonder, is this the life long profession for me?  I have no idea!  And I think that is the issue.  I’m not sure if this is going to be my lasting profession.  I enjoy it.  I think I’m good at it, but do I want to do it for the rest of my life?  Probably not.

So if not, what do I want to do?  I always thought doing something in the food industry would be awesome.  Or maybe human resources?  But now that I have been doing event planning for five years how hard will it be to switch to a different profession?  Ahhhhh!  So many questions, so many options.

Where do I go from here?


Noises that Irritate the Crap out of Me

I get easily annoyed at things….little things that seem to be repeated over and over again or just one obnoxious sound.  I know it’s probably not normal to get so annoyed, but it is who I am and I’m honestly not sure how to move past it.  Here is a list of things that really get on my nerves!

1.  Loud sneezes

2.  Scraping of food containers like you are going to go hungry if you don’t get that last drop of yogurt

3.  Chewing gum with your mouth open

4.  Repetitive throat clearing

5.  Picking up your computer mouse and dropping it down instead of sliding it to use it

6.  Birds chirping over and over again

The reason this is coming up is because I have learned the Penguin does two of these things.  He sneezes really loudly to the point where it scares the crap out of me.  And when we were fixing up the condo he was constantly clearing his throat.  He says it was because of the dust and hasn’t been doing it much anymore which is good, because I wanted to strangle him and force water down his throat.

Now do any of these sounds bother the crap out of you too?  If not, do you have others sounds that irk you?


No free weekends until October?

How does that happen?  How does ones calendar become booked months in advance with not one weekend free?  This is also why I have been slacking with writing blogs.  I closed on my condo July 3rd and every free moment I have had has been working on getting the condo prepared for me to move in!

So a little catch up on what I’ve been doing since my last post earlier this month….

1.  Condo painting and prepping (before and after pictures to come in a later post)

2.  Moving my stuff (has anyone recognized this has been one HOT summer and moving stuff up and down two flights of stairs in a house with no central air is miserable)

3.  J has been making me do all sorts of touristy things before she leaves the country!  Corcoran Museum, Hiking at Great Falls, Nationals Game, Jazz in the Garden just to name a few!

4.  I cut off 8 inches of my hair….and I’m still not sure if I like!

5.  Trying not to have my life consumed by condo stuff, and maintain some sense of fun with my family and the Penguin.

I spend my time day dreaming by looking at my calendar into my future which is scattered with weddings, trips, penciled in local outings, work obligations and so much more!  When will life ever slow down?  Or is this the new normal?  I must say, I have gotten much better at not scheduling things during the week!


My Luck has Officially Run Out

For the last few months, I have felt extremely lucky.  It was a combination of things starting with getting to go to the Redskins playoff game, winning a two night stay at a hotel in Old Town, meeting the Penguin, winning my work super bowl pool, etc. etc.

I was in Trinidad & Tobago for the past week.  Part work, part vacation.  I had a good time, just wish it was more vacation less work…but c’est la vie.  On Thursday, I was able to check my email at the hotel in Tobago on their free wireless.  To my dismay, I had an email looming from my lender basically saying we have bad news.  Everything was good to go on my side of things, but the lender also looks at the health of the condo as well and it wasn’t looking good.  The building had too many investor owned units and a lot of delinquent HOA fees.  I was heart broken.  Let’s face it, I am STILL heartbroken.

Everything was going to work out perfectly.  I was supposed to close this Wednesday, start moving some stuff over this week after work and then the big move on Saturday.  That is absolutely NOT going to happen now.  If I choose to use another lender, the best i can hope for is another 2 weeks (if the lender is quick), but in all reality…another 30 days.

My luck has officially run out.  Now I just have to decide/figure out where I’m going to store my stuff…and who gets the lucky job of hosting me when I figure all this out.  Gratefully, I have lots of friends/family in the area…but it makes tears build in my eyes thinking about imposing on someone at this point.  I just don’t see a clear path for me right now and I hate it.  I hate not having a plan.

Will my luck turn around?  I have a feeling that my bad fortunes are because I wasn’t able to get blessed by a Buddhist monk this Thai New Years.  My luck from last April is officially gone 😦