Wedding Bells All Around

The Penguin and I had several weddings to attend this year.  It helps going to weddings to see what we do and don’t like.  Granted, we both have a fairly clear idea for our wedding plan, but it just solidifies what we want!


1. Hang out with your friends and family!  I want to spend as much time with everyone as possible.  We are planning to involve everyone in our Friday night activity (no sit down rehearsal dinner).

2.  Prepare our guests as much as possible.  Inform them we will be providing a shuttle and of all the pre/post wedding activities.

3. Open bar for the duration of the wedding…no stopping during dinner service!


1.  First dances.  I find them awkward and uncomfortable.

2.  Cake!  Neither of us love cake, so why bother.

3.  Flowers won’t have a focal point at our wedding.  They die and I prefer to use things at the wedding that I can keep for the future.

Looking forward to the 2015 wedding season.  We have a Boston wedding, Turks and Caicos wedding and a Pittsburgh wedding (just to name a few).  Here are a few shots from three of the weddings we went to in 2014.  Love all the special touches each couple incorporated!

IMG_5693  IMG_5924IMG_5711




Bachelor vs Bachelorette Parties

I have learned something interesting being with the Penguin and seeing him go through the whole bachelor party thing.  I have seen lots of girls invite only their bridal party or a select group of individuals to participate in their bachelorette party.  Regardless of who they invite, the standard seems to be to only invite gals they would be inviting to their wedding.

In the case of Penguin and his friends, they use the bachelor party as a time to include everyone in the party…even if they won’t be making the invitation cut list.

I find this extremely odd.  Granted, I haven’t been invited to many bachelorette parties or weddings yet.  To be precise, I’ve only been invited to one bachelorette party (which is the one I planned for my College BFF) and I have been invited to 4 additional weddings (none of which I was invited to the bachelorette party).

So why the big difference between guys and gals?  As a girl I wouldn’t imagine inviting someone to my bachelorette party and then not inviting them to my actual wedding. Seems silly that you will celebrate my last days of freedom, but not my switch to permanent togetherness.

What are your thoughts?  Have you heard of this boy phenomenon?  Am I just out of the loop when it comes to party invites?


Weddings when your BFF’s are in the Bridal Party

I was feeling super excited that two of my good friends were getting married.  It was going to be a great time with some of my best friends!  And then it hit me.  I most likely was going to be sitting at a table with people I didn’t know because my besties were all in the bridal party.

Then I thought, well maybe they aren’t doing a bridal party table or maybe the significant others wouldn’t be sitting at the bridal party table….but they were and they did.  I couldn’t blame them for that because I would do the same exact thing, but I was sad.

Luckily, the bride and groom sat us at a table with some really cool people and we had a GREAT time!  I enjoyed meeting new people, bonding over beers and wedding cheer.

Overall, the wedding was awesome…I even told the Penguin how when we get married I want live music or will have a very specific set list for the DJ….hehe.  I’ve started to sneak little things like that into the everyday conversation since we still haven’t sat down and talked about the engagement/marriage process or future.