Holiday Craft Project

I’ve had a craft project in mind since I saw an etsy pin on pinterest.  I’ve been collecting wine bottles this year in order to create my idea.  The other week, I headed to AC Moore for decorations.  The basic idea was to create snowman and santa wine bottles.  I always find myself having a hard time giving gifts to my non-immediate family members, but who doesn’t love homemade holiday decorations?!?!

Step 1: remove the labels off of the wine bottles.  I soaked the bottles in warm soapy water and most of the labels peeled right off.  For the ones that did not, I used goo-be-gone.

Step 2: spray paint the bottles (red and white)

Step 3: let dry!

Step 4: decorate 🙂  see final product below for inspiration




It’s Going to Be a Big One…

With all this talk about the sequester, we almost missed the news about this giant snow storm that is supposed to hit DC tonight! I’ve been hearing anywhere between 3 to 12 inches. Now, I know what you’re thinking, that’s a mighty big difference in snow fall but alas, no one weather model can really tell us what’s about to happen.  Best to prepare for the worst and if you’ve ever had the misfortune of being in DC during a snow flurry, you’d understand that we do not handle snow or rain well. Give us an inch of snow and we promise to run around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Truthfully, I’m hoping for another SNOWmageddon circa winter 2010. It was a week off of work and full on snow battles in the mean streets of DC. I wouldn’t mind a little time to read and catch up on tv shows. It could be my last major snow storm in the area. WHO KNOWS! I want snow!!! SNOW SNOW SNOW!!

In preparation I have purchased tea, popcorn, and wine, lots of wine; clearly the essentials of surviving a snow storm. You never know how long these things will last! Are there any suggestions you have for keeping warm and sane during this potential snowpocalypse?


PS. I’m sorry if snow is a major obstacle in your daily life. I am being selfish.