NYE….a Slightly Overrated Holiday

I find NYE overrated.  It is one of those holidays that you are expected to do something fun and eventful.  If you don’t have plans, you feel like you are missing out, but in all reality all I want to do is curl up on the couch drinking/eating in my pajamas. Going out can cost you a boatload just to mix and mingle with your own friends, wait in a 10 minute line to get a cocktail and fight your way to the bathroom.

This year, we are trying the small house party option which should be fun!  I’m excited to spend my first NYE with the Penguin.  It is funny to think back to this time last year.  We had just met a few days before and were texting all night while I was in Ocean City and he was at the Gaylord National Harbor.  Just to look where we are now amazes me!

Regardless of how you plan to spend the holiday, I hope this year brings you mucho love and happiness.  Thank you for following our blog.  I hope you will continue to follow it in 2014 (and turn your friends onto it as well)!



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